Monday, 8 April 2013

The Old Babylonian Religion

Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 6 v 14 - 18; Revelation 17; Recommended reading The Two Babylons by A. Hislop.

Jesus said if you know the truth, the truth will set you free. If you have been following all the blogs you will know that you were once a hostage in the Six Day Realm controlled by Satan. Jesus calls him the Father of Lies, indicating that he is the supreme conman. He brainwashed us to fight against each other in the battle of the sexes, in business and in religion. We were put in different religious boxes and given rules, rites, decrees, and the overwhelming belief that our religion was the right one and that any opponent to it should be persecuted and/or killed. (For a deeper look at the Six Day Realm and related Bible Studies search the archives for "Whom God Foreknew" Vision 1 and follow up with the next 9 visions.)

All memory of God or Heaven was erased along with memory of the 6 days. In the hostage negotiations God was allowed to give each soul a specific measure of faith. Enough to know that God is who He said He is. Satan had to counteract that with "some truth mostly lies" in his religions. One of the original and most potent was the Babylonian Religion. The extent of the damage it has done is experienced worldwide today and very few alive today have not been influenced in some way by it.
Therefore we need to thoroughly unpack it and you need to measure it against your own experience.

After the Flood only 8 humans were left alive. These had found favour in God's eyes and were the last people to live ultra long lives. After the Flood all humans born had an average lifespan of 70 years. Noah had 3 sons - Shem, Ham and Japhet. All four had wives whose names were not recorded. Shem went Eastwards and from him would Abraham, Isaac and Jacob come to be. They would be Semites as in Semitic or Anti-Semetic. Ham became the origin of all the African nations and Japhet the first of the Europeans. They would all outlive many generations of their offspring.

In the East sprang up the city of Babylon and a strange priesthood emerged there. They built a tower called the Tower of Babel which was the first observatory to study the stars for astrological purposes. They had brought together many occultic practices in their rituals; much witchcraft was used in their religion. The High Priestess was an evil witch called Semiramis, who caused them to worship a new god named Baal, whose word was law. There were horrendous drunken orgies in this tower and Semiramis fell pregnant. She declared herself the wife of Baal and the son she bore was therefore also a god and divine. His name was Nimrod and he was born on 25th December. This was close to the Winter Solstice in which wild drunken orgies and death known as Saturnalia, after the god Saturn (Satan) took place.

Eventually Semiramis married her son Nimrod so that she could become a goddess and be immortal. At this time the wrath of God Almighty fell on Babylon and the Tower of Babel was destroyed. The Lord also gave everyone different tongues to speak to put a halt to the terribly evil religious practices.

Babies were sacrificed to the image of Baal in which a constant fire burned. The babies would be named and water sprinkled on their foreheads before they were cast into Baal's fiery mouth.   This is the origin of Christening of babies, which is not Biblical! 

There was a celibate priesthood but nobody stopped them performing orgies. To intimidate the followers they wore black or red robes with hats fashioned after the fishgod Dagon. The top of the hat opened like the mouth of a fish. The head priest under the goddess Semiramis wore white garments and a white fish hat. He was known as the Supreme Pontiff.

Nimrod grew and became a hunter of men's souls. An evil man who was very cruel. He set out to conquer many nations under the symbol of a Mother and Child. He had many names Adonis, Hercules and Osiris, and his mother was known as Diana of the Ephesians; Shingmoo in China; Kali in Calcutta and Isis in Egypt. Whichever  country he conquered had the Babylonian religion stamped upon it. Even Rome, then Italy fell to him and other countries in Europe.

He was finally defeated by Shem (who was also known as Hercules in Egypt), who cut Nimrod's dead body into 12 pieces and sent one piece to all the countries he conquered to rejoice in his death.
When Christianity spread to Rome the Babylonian religion still flourished there. One of Caesar's titles was Supreme Pontiff. The priesthood wore the same robes and hats as Baal worshippers did.

By the 4th century AD to satisfy everyone the Babylonian and Christian religions amalgamated into the Church of Rome or the Roman Catholic Church. Semiramis became Mary the supreme goddess of the Catholic Church to this day. Nimrod was replaced by Jesus, with his birthday now designated as December 25th. Saturnalia became Christmas and God the Father replaced Baal. And it was business as usual. Extreme makeover completed.

The old gods were given saints names and you could still pray to any of them as their statues were given a new identity like St. Peter and the other apostles. Bibles were chained to the pulpits with only the priests allowed to read them so no one was any the wiser, until the deceived souls to this day had enough numbers to influence the whole world by their power.

In the New Testament ministries there are no Popes, Cardinals, Nuns, Archbishops, Monseigneurs,  Jesuits or Convents.  The name Pontifex was one of the titles of the High Priest of the Babylonians.  In the Bible the words bishop, pastor and elder are interchangeable.

The only real dissenters to Rome are the true followers of Jesus Christ, whom Rome has tried under different guises to stamp out. Those who know and love Jesus, who are born again through water and Spirit,  John 3 v 3-5, are the only people who will be saved from the Great Tribulation.

In 2 Corinthians 6 Paul records a prophecy that says "Come out from among them and be separated unto me, saith the Lord, for what has light to do with darkness.... And you shall be my sons and daughters."

People who have been born into this religious system are fed and raised on these false teachings, and told it's the only right way, are held in bondage by the iron fist of Rome and the unseen, unknown Semiramis who you pray to because you must pray to the Holy Virgin for everything. The real Mary is in Heaven with all the departed believers and has never heard one prayer ever. We cannot communicate with the dead. Mary was the earthly mother of Jesus but she is not the Mother of God which is who Semiramis claimed to be.

There is no such place as purgatory either. The Confessional is not scriptural. The eucharist is not the actual body of Jesus. The pope is not Jesus Christ on this Earth, nor does he have any more spiritual authority that a born again believer. In fact he has little or no spiritual authority with God. He is an unsaved man who needs to submit to the Father God and be washed in the Blood of Jesus. So be not deceived by these idols, precious souls whom God loves, seek the truth and be free.

I just heard on the local radio on a segment "Today in History" that on this day 8 April 2005 there was the largest gathering of World Leaders in history - to attend the funeral of Pope John Paul 2. Just remember the scripture that says "and the whole world wondered after the Beast"!!

Prayer: Heavenly Father You are not willing for any to perish. Please anoint this message so that every soul in bondage has an opportunity to come to You and be saved. In Jesus' name. Amen.