Monday, 18 March 2013

The Church of Philadelphia

Scripture: Revelation 3 v 7 - 13; Deuteronomy 4 v 32. 


In the book of Revelation Jesus wrote a letter to each of the seven churches of Asia Minor. Those are Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatiran Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. These seven letters can be interpreted in several ways.

Firstly that the whole Body of Christ is expressed through each different church at any particular time in history. Eg that the blessings and rebukes apply to different church groups in different countries that may identify with them. Laodicea is a church of worldly wealth that lacks vision and true commitment. Many church bodies over the past 2000 years can identify with that.

Secondly the other interpretation is that each church mentioned is a stage in the development of the church over 2 millennia with the final one being Laodicea a time of worldly pleasures and spiritual apathy leading to heretical teachings and a falling away from the truth.

The Church of Philadelphia is the only church that had no rebuke from Jesus. He says He knows their works and has given them an open door. This is a door that leads to evangelism and revival because they have kept the words of Jesus faithfully.

He also says that the Church of Philadelphia (word means Brotherly Love) has a unique gift called the Key of David. When I first started in the ministry in 1983 the Lord Jesus named my ministry The Church of Philadelphia and told me He had given me the Key of David. I had no idea what that was.

Over time I discovered that Jesus uses that Key to open things up for me like The Vision of the Six Days. First I would have the revelation of it and then the scriptures would be shown. Then He would show me how to access that realm to undo major blockages causing people severe misery on Earth. It has quite an impact and the timing is in His hands. Sometimes the answer comes before we pray or months, sometimes years, later.

You cannot just ask Jesus for this Key. It is a special anointing given to those who are Intercessors. An Intercessor takes the place of another in ministry. Usually a sinner who is in serious bondage like an addict, alcoholic, in a cult etc. The Intercessor takes on that bondage and feels the stress and pain of it and prays as if he is the sinner until the burden lifts. Our intercession through the Key of David was sometimes so deep that one of us would have heroin needle tracks appear on their arms. This would block the addict long enough for Jesus to effect a rescue.

The Key of David was turned by Jesus for the miracle ministry of Karen Ann Quinlan in deep coma which Jesus declared was unique on Earth and the greatest miracle ever done. We were able to minister to her in deep coma 12000 miles away over a period of 18 months until her death. We led her to Jesus and she was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. She then started to minister to us and with us in powerful ways. When we first prayed with her to be saved Jesus told us later that everybody in a coma at that time heard us share the gospel and of that number 5000 got saved. And everyone heard me in their own language. That is what the Key of David can do.

And keeps on doing it. It enables us today to speak to anyone in a coma anywhere on Earth to give them the gospel and hear their response. We can likewise speak to children who are mentally challenged as with autism or cerebral palsy to give them an opportunity to communicate and to share Jesus with them. We can break through the trance of addicts and help them find the strength to get free.

That is the work of this ministry called the Church of Philadelphia. We have the anointing of Jesus, the key of David, which has also opened up this blog of Prophetic Fire so that people everywhere will know that Jesus is alive today.

Hal Lindsay in his book the Late Great Planet Earth said about the seven churches that after Laodicea the Church of Philadelphia will rise again, briefly, for the final revival during the first half of the Great Tribulation. Jesus is preparing all who truly follow Him to be co-labourers with Him in that day.

Prayer: Heavenly Father I pray that You will raise up labourers for the final harvest. Those being entertained in the Laodicean Church must come out of that false church and respond to Your call so that we may be part of Your final revival before Jesus returns.

In Jesus' name. Amen.