Tash Bickerton

Angel Invasion

Phew! I love the Determining God's Will Bible Study. Makes me think of a woman who was looking for parking, she prayed and asked Jesus to help her find a parking. A spot went open and she said "don't worry Jesus, I found one". I believe He gives us what we need, not always what we want. The hardest thing I had to overcome spiritually was believing and praying for God's will. And for me to have proper faith means believing and trusting WITHOUT having a backup plan!
Brenda said in her study not to pray for angels, I always ask Jesus to send His angels to guard every door, window and corner of our houses and to encircle us. I had no idea how wrong this was! I've done so much damage by sending angels to protect and bless ppl. I just  prayed  about the angels and redemption,  I asked Jesus to call back every angel I've ever sent out and to judge them accordingly! I rebuke and bind every fallen angel to go back to their hell and I pray for Jesus to undo all the damage they've done! While praying I burst out in tears and could feel Jesus comforting me. I'm so na├»ve. Praise Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

Marilyn Small

Music Miracle

I  want to tell you that something awesome  happened Thursday night.  Me and girls were in bed already.  All of the sudden I heard music.  I jumped up coz i thought somebody had broken into our house and their phone went off or something.  My laptop was next to my bedroom door. Then I heard the song coming from there.  Strangest thing coz I used it on tuesday at work.  So the laptop was shutdown, zipped up and off for 2 days already!  The line from the song that played was "Jesus your love has no bounds".  Over and over about 3 or 4 times.  Then when I opened the laptop the battery was so flat I couldn't switch it on!  But the song kept on going.   It stopped as it started.  I thought it sounded like music from Jesus Culture which is on my laptop but when I tried to find the song on friday I could get it nowhere!  It was most beautiful melody and man's voice singing.  To me it felt that God played that song for me and the girls .... Our song.  I had such peace afterwards.

Martin Berimbau from Johannesburg

Has been set free of Catholicism.

We are often led to believe through false doctrines and conditioning that our religions are right. Believing in false idols such as Mary held me in bondage and my family has been torn apart.  Being brought to my knees through God's plan or purpose was a blessing. In doing so I encountered Brenda's ministry and my eyes were opened to the truth that I have longed for, years on end. The answer I was looking for was my own personal relationship with Jesus and total submission to Him. My faith has grown as a result. My longing for His anointing and personal encounters are confirmation that Jesus is alive and waiting for us to call on His name. Jesus is waiting for you, it is time for you to open the door.  God bless you all and fill you with the Spirit of Truth that will lead you to everlasting life.

Zena from Australia

Healing of Breast Cancer.

'Our eyes were opened when we met Brenda about 20 years ago.

Since that first meeting we as a family have grown in faith. We were freed from bondages coming from our parent’s involvement in Freemasonry and Rosicrusian - AMORC. These very deep demonic involvements have played havoc in our lives where we could not find true peace. We were happily going to church not knowing what wonderful spiritual experiences we were missing.

Through Brenda’s ministry I have been able to find that peace that surpasses all understanding through total submission to Jesus. Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When the doctor called me with the news, I experienced that wonderful peace and knowledge that Jesus is in control of my life. The doctor was so surprised with my reaction that she has asked me if I was okay. I had the opportunity to share with her the wonderful love of Jesus.

Through the grace of Jesus I was away from work for 4 days and could keep on working throughout my radiation treatment. Jesus is using this experience in my life to reach out to other people, sharing with them my personal relationship with Jesus and my total submission to Him. Jesus is alive!'

Tash Bickerton from Johannesburg

Healing of Relationships.

Jesus is constantly at work in my life.

No 1. I called in sick for work on Monday, my boss phoned to yell at me and said some harsh things. I did nothing but gave it to Jesus. Two hours later my boss phoned back to apologise for his behaviour and asked me to excuse him and praised me for being a star employee.

No 2. A age old friend did wrong to me, again I did nothing but give it to Jesus. Although I was angry Brenda told me to forgive her and pray for her. I did. She got hold of me today to apologise, asked me to forgive her and regrets not looking after our friendship. For the first time in my life I don't have to fight my battles, Jesus is doing it all! Praise Jesus!

DJShawnyB. from Johannesburg

House Cleansed of Demons via Skype.

Well I speak for my family when I say that you, Brenda, have been a blessing to us. Never in my life did I ever think that we would have evil entities in the place where we stay and that you would be able to drive them away without even being there using modern technology such as Skype.

Our house is much more holy now and the evil spirits have left. We are all starting to prosper in our own individual way since the cleansing. Thank you LORD for Brenda and Andrew and the amazing blessings still to come. Amen.

Vickie from North Dakota, USA

Personal Growth.

Words cannot begin to express the tremendous blessings your daily bible studies, ministry, and you yourself Brenda have been to me in my walk with the Lord.  Your mentoring encourages me to step out of my comfort zone resulting in personal spiritual growth and self confidence.  I've learned so much from your daily bible studies and look forward with great anticipation to receiving them.

I thank God regularly for blessing my life with you Brenda as you continue to inspire me as no one else does on a daily basis.  I Love you Brenda.    Vickie

Jodine from RSA.

Trust Issues Overcome.

I've been friends with Bren for about 16 years now, and wow, how things have changed.

I was brought up with a strict "church" background… friday night, sunday morning and night…
Christianity just never really felt real to me. Seemed to be a little pie in the sky, and I was usually disappointed with the integrity, and so called "love" that these people offered.

It took me quite number of years, very slowly learning to trust Brenda, and understanding the very different way she teaches about Jesus. For me, the road has been a tough one… financially, emotionally… but very slowly, Bren helped me to trust Jesus for ALL things. I am very happy to tell you all that everyday, Jesus shows me just how much He loves me, and its in the little practical things. These things being the stuff that makes this new life VERY REAL, and like a "little bit of Heaven on earth".

Thank you Jesus, and thank you Bren for your absolute devotion to God, and your tender love towards us all. Your vision to help every single soul on this earth to know Jesus, is inspiring. I pray that God will touch many with your message, and in turn, that we can all bless you through our donations towards this fantastic ministry.

Roger and Judy from USA

Blessed by Godly Wisdom.

Hi Vickie,   
Thanks so much for thinking of my brother and for sharing Brenda's blog.  I was so blessed by her godly wisdom.  Just think of her being halfway around the world and yet able to edify the body of Christ over here!  It is definitely a spiritual gift.  Her thoughts made me think of how the disciples used their feet to follow Jesus, of their need (and ours) for foot washing, and of the times Jesus healed those who were lame. Sometimes we just need His command to "Rise up and walk".  
We also enjoyed the holy humor.  Too funny!

Siyabonga Mnisi. An African Xhosa man from Eastern Cape

Breath of Fresh Air and Healing of HIV/AIDS.

When I walked into your house the first day I met you I was overcome by the smell of the freshest air I had ever smelled. It was heavenly. You shared the gospel of Jesus with me and had me read from the Bible about familiar spirits in Isaiah. My tongue got twisted in my mouth and I could not read aloud. You told me to send the spirits of my ancestors away so I did and could surprisingly read properly. My heart was open to receive Jesus as my Saviour. I told you I had HIV/AIDs and that my girlfriend had already died of it. You prayed and asked Jesus to heal me and I immediately felt a darkness lift off my soul. That was 5 years ago and I was and still am completely healed. Thank you Jesus for sending me to Brenda who helped me get saved from death. She is a breath of fresh air. 

Annie, a coloured lady from Eastern Cape

Healing of High Blood Pressure and Children healed of HIV/AIDS.

I was living in servant's quarters of a neighbour while my employers were holidaying in Brenda's town. I asked Brenda if I could help with her ironing to earn some extra pay. While there my blood pressure problem was bad and she prayed for me. There was a very strong presence of Jesus around me and I was healed. Shortly after this my mobile phone rang. It was my children 150kms away. They shouted Mommy Mommy Jesus is here in our house. They were very happy. I asked Brenda to pray for my son and his wife who were bedridden from AIDS for many months. They lived across the road from my house. As I told her their names she said the Lord has already healed them I felt the healing anointing go to them. The next time I was in Brenda's town I told her that when I arrived back home my son and his wife were completely healed. They asked me to thank her for sending Jesus to heal them. They are now employed on a fruit farm in the district. Our God is an awesome God! He reigns!