Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Tree of Rejection - with diagram of tree


Scripture: Hebrews 13 v 5-8; Luke 4 v 18-19; Psalm 51.


Many people go through life suffering from rejection from some source or another. It can range from feeling isolated and lonely to devastating feelings of worthlessness and abandonment. Feelings that bruise your soul and leave you trembling.


I felt like that until I was 25 years old. I had always felt unloved by my parents although they were good at providing material and educational support they were incapable of showing love in an emotional or spiritual sense. At the age of 25 I found out that I was an adopted child. It was a very traumatic discovery. Thankfully just one week before I had met Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and been born again.

He would have known all about me and knew I would need Him to get through the trauma. I actually was very angry with God that night and even removed from a suitcase and its cellophane wrapper a brand new soft-covered Bible to wave in His face whilst complaining loudly about how was I supposed to find answers in such a big Book. Where do you start looking?

To my everlasting amazement the Bible fell open at Psalm 51. Think of a very thick new paperback novel falling open and staying open! An unseen hand was holding the Bible open as it rested on the palm of my hand. I had to read it and did so over and over through that long night, confessing every sin I could think of as the most incredible feeling of peace and love enfolded me. I was born again, forgiven, cleansed by the Blood of Jesus and He had moved into my heart. There was a strange verse in the midst that worried me "In sin did your mother conceive you!"

So I found out that I had been adopted and had never known my biological parents. Hence the rejection feelings that had started in the womb when my real mom decided to give me away.

There are other reasons for rejection as this is a demon spirit that causes this destruction of the personality. Rejection opens the door to fantasy friends who are also demons. It exchanges real love for lust, and together with a spirit of bitterness is the reason for nearly all drug addiction and abuse of alcohol. This often leads to physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse in a vicious spiral of out of control behaviour. I was no stranger to abuse and only by the grace of my loving Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ did I turn my life around to become able to help others in need.

I can enter into the pain and hurt that caused my brokenness and help people who are heartbroken and bruised by those who are also bound by fears and rejection. These demons drive people to dementia, suicide, insanity and schizophrenia aka Bipolar Syndrome.

By learning to forgive those who abused you and being released from the clutches of demons who want to kill, maim or destroy you (John 10v10) Jesus can set you free as He did for me. Look at the diagram of the tree of Rejection attached and look at the fruit growing on it. Prune that fruit and you will only get a bigger crop of the same. Just gets worse and worse. You must kill the roots and the whole horrible tree will die. Not all at once of course. Jesus will deal with each person carefully and kindly. Work through it with Him and it will change your life forever.

Compare it with the tree of Bitterness (further down on the blog) as there may be links to bitterness in your life and let Jesus help you turn your life around. Get free of addictions and aggressive behaviour. Get free of feelings of hopelessness and despair. Jesus truly loves you. He made you perfect and wants to restore you back to His original masterpiece. The awful devil painted over it obscenely and that defaced masterpiece must be carefully cleansed and restored by the Master Creator Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank You for delivering me from the nightmare of rejection. I pray that everyone who is going through this trauma will put their hand on the diagram of the attached Tree of Rejection and ask you to kill the roots and uproot the whole tree. Please bring peace, love and joy into their lives like You did for me. In Jesus' name. Amen.