Who is Brenda

In August 2013 it will be 39 years since I was born again. My name is Brenda Rethman the mother of two sons, Sean and Stephen, and grandmother to Joshua almost one year old.

I had an Anglican upbringing while attending a Convent school. I eventually became Presbyterian too, but I never knew Jesus personally till I was born again. Life changing in every way.

The Lord called me to be an Intercessor in 1979 that I later found out was a deep and powerful prayer ministry. In 1983 the Lord initiated The Church of Philadelphia from Revelations 3 v 7 and it is still blessed by Him today. It is a prayer ministry of great freedom and adventure in the realms of God.

I started sending out these Bible studies so that everyone could have an opportunity to share in the wonderful miracles Jesus is doing to the glory of His Kingdom.

There are also a number of misleading doctrines deceiving people that Jesus said would happen in the end times. In Isaiah it says "When the enemy comes in like a flood, God will raise a standard." So I am taking the truth of the whole Word of God to share with you so you can make the right decisions for your eternal life.

Let Jesus Christ uplift you in His everlasting arms forever!
In Jesus' precious love.