Monday, 4 March 2013

The Real Battle Zone

 Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 9 v 25 - 27; 1 Timothy 2 v 1-5; Luke 19 v 11-14.

This Earth is a battle zone in a continual spiritual war that we cannot see with our physical eyes.  The Holy Spirit must open our spiritual eyes to see it. Elijah saw the mighty warrior angels of God when his eyes were opened when an army surrounded him. Jesus said He could call on legions of angels to prevent His crucifixion but that was His whole purpose. To take on the demonic hordes through death and defeat them.

Our part is the mopping up operation.  We need to know our enemy and not just shadow box them. Our warfare is not against flesh and blood people its against spiritual wickedness in high places. That is what you have to know. Who are they? What do they do? Its not Oscar against Reeva in battle with one victim dead. Its demons of death and destruction bringing down two victims. Oscar has his demons - it has been voiced repeatedly by people who do not realize how true their words are. Reeva was an angel. Another spiritual being. God has angels, satan does too.  He is called a false angel of light and not many can discern the true from the false.

So what was the real battle in Silverlakes on that fateful morning? In Oscar I saw a demon called Pride. The Bible says that the pride of satan caused him to fall from Heaven. That same pride caused Oscar and other heroes to fall from Grace. Pride goes before a fall. He was proud of his achievements, his status, his gunmanship and his possessions. He was a huge success story. We see the same pride in some despots, celebs, stars, Haiti, archbishops, tycoons. They fall like dominoes. How that fall arrives on their patch varies but once it arrives all hell breaks loose. It may happen or have happened to you. Hansie; Jimmy Saville; Lance Armstrong; Catholic clergy; Gaddaffi; Bin Laden; Oscar; Britney; News of the World; and so on. Felled by pride. 

On Reeva's side the only clue was that she did her yoga before she went to bed. Very innocent and harmless. Or was it? Thousands do it and wake up alive the next day. But they say your name is on the bullet. The car crash, tsunami, heart attack or AIDS. It comes and does its deadly work.

Yoga is not an innocent exercise regime. It engages with demonic power to raise the coiled serpent at the base of your spine, or coccyx area, up your spine to engage with a demon called Rege. The coiled serpent is also a demon called the Kundalini. Aka prana or life force.

Another name that Christians have for it is Spiritual Murder. When Christians are "slain in the spirit" and have some "amazing" experiences they are being bound by the Kundalini. The Kundalini is the Force (may the Force be with you) which brings trance or TM. It is the same Force in the so-called Toronto Blessing or laughing madness sweeping the world. Todd Bentley is coming to South Africa. A great carrier of the Force that he and thousands of others think is the Power of God or the Holy Spirit. God help the Christians.

Back to Reeva. The Kundalini killer force that is at the heart of ALL yoga connecting with the demon of pride in Oscar. Satan struck them both, killing two birds with one stone, and the shock waves went round the world finally manifesting in a meteor that hit Russia on its way back to hell the next day. It rocked the world. The story and the meteor. An angel had died. Her surname was Steenkamp. It is Afrikaans for Stone Camp. The Stone that became a 10 tonne meteor. 

Now Oscar must deal with his very real demons. No pride left.  Reeva's family are asking to know the truth. This is the horrifying truth. We are just pawns in satan's macabre mind games. Jesus died to set us free of this kind of tragedy but it does not happen automatically. We need to be born again, baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit to be properly equipped for the battle. We need our armour on and to be vigilant. Then you can meet it forewarned and armed to be protected from it as Jesus promised. Otherwise you are fair game for the enemy whose motto for ALL humans is maim, kill, steal, destroy. (John 10 v 10).  He carefully plans our demise. It is the only way he can torment our Father in Heaven.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father You have done everything You could to save and rescue us from the evil of this world. If we choose to ignore it we could be another tragic statistic. I pray for all who see this message to have a wake up call to the reality of the dangers in this war zone called Earth. I pray they follow in the footsteps of Jesus who laid a trail through the minefield of sin, sickness, evil and sorrow, by laying down His life for us. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Andy Wheeler's testimony:

I did Yoga once before . I was interested in Meditation and relaxation techniques .

I read only one book about Yoga and did'nt attend any classes .

Yoga promises spiritual enlightenment and fitness .It's origins came from Hinduism and Buddhism. It's also a form of worship in those cultures. I did not believe in those religions but Yoga tries to accommodate everybody by speaking only of spiritual enlightenment of an advanced nature.

A fundamental practice of Yoga is to clear one's mind from all thoughts . That opens your soul for demonic attack rendering your unprotected mind empty to be filled with invasions of demons .  I did not practice Yoga for long .Only 2 years. Because I did'nt find peace in any of it's techniques . Even when I was'nt practicing Yoga,it would sneak up on me in various ways . Like a dream I had at that period.  I was standing around at a shop . Looking at t-shirts and cd's that I use to like . Then all of a sudden a dragon came out of nowhere taking me on a ride through the floor into the ocean against my will . Surreal as it was . It felt real as my body and soul could feel the motion . I remembered looking at the head of the dragon as I was on it's back. His face looked like he was pretending to be just a friendly old dragon .But I could sense that his intentions was of a dark nature . I woke up from the dream feeling fear and euphoria. Trying to forget about it altogether.

I repented to Jesus Christ about practising Yoga afterwards. Jesus set me fully free from any sneak attacks of eastern meditation. I was also released by Him of the false worship of the dragon through the yoga excercises . I am greatful towards Him for setting me free .