Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The One World Church

Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 6 v 14 - 16; Revelation 17.   Google: One World Church.

For those who have followed the Vision from start to finish, and understood its implications, the following statement will make sense!

What started in Heaven before the foundation of the world was between three spirit beings - the Son of God, the Bridegroom;  His Bride and Lucifer the Archangel - the eternal triangle of infidelity. After the horrors in Heaven and the evil of the Six Day Realm those three are manifested on Earth as Jesus Christ, the Son of God; Israel, the Bride of Christ; and Satan the Antichrist.

The present status of these three is that Jesus Christ is in Heaven seated on the right hand of the Father. He is the Head and His Body is the born again Christians called The Church. At the time of the rapture the body will meet the Head in the sky above Earth and they will join to become the Bridegroom again.

The Bride, Israel, her soul is still held captive by Lucifer, now called Satan, and she has been brainwashed to believe Satan is her true husband, and entering into covenants with him that caused her terrible grief. She did it in Heaven; she did it in the garden of Eden; she did it in Jerusalem 2000 years ago shouting Crucify Him! His Blood be upon us and upon our children! A curse that persists to this day. She will do it again when she signs a 7 year peace treaty with all Arab nations, which will be broken half way through when the Antichrist fully manifests by entering the Holy of Holies in the rebuilt Temple, declaring himself to be god.
Israel realizes her mistake and her eyes are open to know Jesus as her true husband. She flees into the mountains and the worlds armies amass for the battle of Armageddon, at which point the Bridegroom arrives on Earth to rescue His Bride. This is the final showdown in a drama that started in Heaven before there was time or universe.  

The role of the One World Church is to oppose the True Church, the invisible Body of Christ, to crush, maim or kill that Body to prevent the Bridegroom being made complete. So through persecution, torture, indignities and death the Last days Church will actually be formed. Persecution produces holiness, unity, strength, determination and commitment. 

The One World Church is growing very quickly. Its foundation is called Interfaith, and United Religions Organisation and the Ecumenical Council.   It is a amalgamation of many different faiths with the Roman Catholic Church. Faiths with different gods are moving together under the auspices of tolerance and compromise. The general consensus is that the one name that is forbidden in this universal church is the name of Jesus Christ. There is awesome power in the name of Jesus so to block that power His name is blocked.

True Christians are being mocked for their uncompromising beliefs. In 2012 there was an outcry in "Christian England" when a Christian family who ran a Bed and Breakfast from their home, turned away an obviously homosexual couple who had booked without disclosing their status, knowing it would raise an issue.

The issue was even discussed in the British parliament with the PM David Cameron condemning the actions of the Christians as discrimination against gay people. The Christians were hauled to court and lost the case. Strange that they would not test or broadcast the reactions in a similar situation but in a  Moslem B and B.

There are many Christians in jeopardy in Moslem controlled countries. They are treated as second class citizens and not permitted to own a Bible. They are imprisoned and tortured to return to Islam.
Jesus says in Matthew 7 that it is a strait and narrow way that leads to life and a broad way that leads to destruction. That broad way includes the anything goes churches that twist and compromise the Word of God; men pleasing places of entertainment that some churches have sunk to are ready for the One World Church.

The motto of this apostate (false and heretical) church is "A summons to the great religions to be in deeper conversation with each guarantors of the sacredness of the earth."
The Lord is sorting the sheep from the goats right now. Sheep are going into the True Body of Christ and goats into the One World Church. Jesus is calling His sheep to come out of the false church to be sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. You have a free will and a right to determine where you will spend eternity. Use your vote wisely. 

Prayer: Father God the long and fearful tragedy of destruction of the marriage of Your Son is coming to a head.  Getting through this vulnerable period will demand faith of a high order. Father help us to achieve unity in the Body of Christ and give us direction through the minefield sown by the Antichrist. In Jesus' name. Amen.