Friday, 5 April 2013

What does it mean? - Vision 10

Scripture: Revelations 12 v 7-10; Deuteronomy 8 v 10-20; 1 Corinthians 11 v 24-25.

The Vision God gave me years ago has now been given to you. Its a great relief to have been released from keeping it a secret. Some may not yet understand the full implications of this vision in their own lives so I will use this space to make some observations.

The original hostage was, and still is, the Bride of Christ, who is Israel. In Heaven she did not heed the Father's warning against being flattered by Lucifer's attentions. She had free will ie the power of choice. Make the wrong choice and misery comes.  As she did. The Heavenly Bride was a spirit being as was all the company of Heaven. 

Lucifer seduced her and she was deceived into making a joining of spirit with him. It brought the marriage ceremony with God's Son, the Bridegroom, to a halt. War broke out in Heaven between Archangel Lucifer and his angels and Archangel Michael and his Angels. During this war the Bride was taken by Lucifer, now named Satan (The Accuser) because he blamed her for bringing this situation about.

The fall of Satan that Jesus said was like lightning. He had gone into another realm, the place of fallen spirits, called Hades or Hell.  This fall split Heaven like splitting the atom.  It was caused by SIN, by a created being challenging the Supreme Being for control of everything.

Satan caused the Bride to be severely abused in every way. Her soft spirit became hard like glass and was shattered into millions of fragments. These fragments were called souls. Each soul would one day be born as a human baby on planet Earth- yet to be created. God commanded the souls or fragments of Israel the Bride, to be gathered and not one lost. They filled 12 containers. These would later be born on Earth as the 12 tribes of Israel.

God's Son, the Bridegroom, also became the I AM who Moses met at the Burning Bush,  - He said I AM going to rescue my Bride. He put on the stained garments of the Bride and took on her sin, He took responsibility as her betrothed husband. This enabled God to forgive her and receive her back into Heaven in a sinless state. The Bridegroom was the Ransom exchange. His life for hers. He was in satan's realm where He too was fragmented into billions of souls. The souls plus her head that made up the Bride were alive and saw this happen. His broken body was collected into 7 containers, in Revelations 2 and 3 these are called the Seven Churches. All the fragments of the Bridegroom in the 7 churches are the souls of the Gentiles, non-Jews, that will be born on Earth.

All the souls were mixed together and tormented, enslaved, demonized and brainwashed against God and then sent back to Him. The heads of the Bride and Bridegroom were intact.

You are one of these fragments, whether of the Bride or the Bridegroom. God had a plan for you which would start when you became born again ie sinless and forgiven. Then your dead spirit would come alive in Heaven. It lights up and is placed in the right body, either Bride or Groom. When you die your soul will join your spirit in Heaven where you will have a new body. While on Earth much is being done to restore your memory, and the Bride's memory. It is like the memory card on a computer that has been removed and replaced with false memories. 

When you are baptized in water after being born again then Satan's ability to control you is removed and you are made whole again. Jesus' fragment comes to life within you to train your bombarded soul in the ways of God and teach you to resist your enemy.

After your water baptism you will receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit when other believers lay their hands on you. You will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit which will empower you to serve God and help others do so.

You are now fully restored to the original design that Adam had. You live in the blessings promised to Abraham's descendants and will spend eternity with God in Heaven. The only downside comes if you neglect to accept the salvation God has purchased for you. Then you get to spend eternity in the hot furnace of Hell. Satan no longer controls this region because Jesus, the Righteous Judge holds the keys of hell and death. So Satan and the Beast and the False Prophet will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.

I speak as a Watchman to whoever reads this message. Do not put off till tomorrow what should be done today to secure your rightful place in the kingdom of God. Let God's perfect will be done.

Prayer: Heavenly Father We have come full circle and the warp called time will soon cease and our Earthly existence will be a distant memory. The desire of my heart has always been that all will come to know You through Jesus Christ. You are an awesome God who never fails His children. Bless them all. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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