Saturday, 15 June 2013

Paul Conquers an Island (Blueprint for Revival)

Scripture: Acts 28 v 1-10.

Paul and the 275 member crew were washed up on this Greek island after being shipwrecked in a terrible storm on the Mediterranean Sea. In the midst of the storm when all were in fear of their lives and trying to get into a lifeboat, Paul brings a word from God to them, Unless you all stay in the ship we will all be drowned. They listened and during the night the ship ran aground on an island and everyone was still alive. 

The islanders make them a fire and while collecting more wood for it Paul gets bitten on the hand by a venomous snake, which has no effect on him. (See Mark 16 v 17-18).

The islander's opinion of Paul swings from escaped murderer getting his just desserts, to a god who should be worshipped, when he doesn't die. He then heals a man of a serious illness which leads to all the islanders coming for prayer and being healed.  This is how Jesus reaches the lost. You are made vulnerable from the very start (Paul was a prisoner)and then you face a near death experience (shipwreck) so everyone can see a miracle (when no lives are lost).

Next you are venomously attacked (Paul was bitten by a snake) but overcome this and people take notice.

Then another vulnerable person gets healed then everyone wants the touch of Jesus. This is what is known as a move of the Holy Spirit to be a witness for Jesus and the Kingdom of God. When it happens on a larger scale it is called a Revival. This world desperately needs a true revival right now. 

So to be really used of God be ready for weird things to happen to get His message across. Don't panic be bold and strong and Jesus will do the rest. God is seeking those who not only spiritually "think out of the box" but actively do "out of the box" things under His control to bring the knowledge of Jesus to the lost.

This world is full of drama everywhere with fires, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, protestors, civil wars, plagues of strange diseases, feuds, messy divorces, so one of the plans of God is to bring peace to the troubled and fearful.

He will use the peacemakers, His children, so when all around you are screaming with fear, calm them, pray for the peace of Jesus to pass all understanding, and let Him take control through you. There is nothing the Father will not do to reach the lost through you if you let Him.

 Prayer: Heavenly Father I am prepared to do whatever is needed to reach the unsaved. I want to be ready at any moment that I am needed to play my part in Your plan to rescue the lost, no matter how crazy it seems to everyone else. If You could send the fire of the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin to bring about revival, Lord I am ready to do my part. In Jesus' name. Amen.