Saturday, 22 June 2013

"Pity Party"

Scripture: Isaiah 53; 2 Corinthians 12 v 9 - 10; Romans 12 v 1-2.


What does it truly mean to be a new creation in Christ, where all things are passed away or dead, and all things are made new?  So many people dwell in the past where they suffered trauma and pain and were given so much sympathy and understanding that they got hooked on the feeling. Whenever they fail at life the past traumas are given as an explanation and everyone goes into the habitual holding pattern to excuse the current failings.

This is not a Christian way of dealing with past hurts. This is a humanistic way which leaves the truth of God and His Word on the doorstep while inviting in human solutions. It will never cease until the truth of the Word of God is applied. That truth is that Jesus Christ bore all sins, trauma, emotional distress, insanity, human failings, sexual trauma and sin, murder, rape, lies, theft, loss and every other hard and hurtful experience, on Himself on the Cross.

Why did He do that? Not to prevent it from happening because Satan had programmed and brainwashed us all to fail dismally at life. But to give us a way of escape from it and to give us the victory over it.

We have to triumph in overcoming evil so that we can continue to obey God without reverting to the drugs or alcohol or other methods of self-medication and self-reward that has become our habit. We must renew our minds according to God's will.

Jesus died a most horrible death to enable us to counteract what Satan has done to us. Everything I know and the victories I have seen won have come from the knowledge shared in the 10 Visions on this blog. It is Heavenly knowledge - a mystery revealed - about why God created this Earth and put us on it when the first two humans He created rebelled against him. It really bothered me that God made man in His likeness but they disobeyed Him. Where did that flaw come from?

That flaw came from what I call the Six Day Realm because God made this world in 6 Days and said it is on a scale of 1 day equals 1000 years. We have been here for 6000 years or so and everything that has happened on Earth is a slow motion action replay of something that happened before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 1 v 4.

That flaw is Original Sin. What is the Original Sin? Satan through pride rebelled against God in Heaven and seduced the Bride of Jesus on her wedding night. He and his angels were thrown from Heaven and took her hostage. Jesus took HER sin of adultery on Himself and was the Ransom to buy her back with His own life and Blood, but Satan did not keep his promise. Jesus was raised from death and she was declared forgiven and innocent. Satan still has her imprisoned and brainwashed. Her name is Israel. The whole revelation is written in those ten visions on the blog.

She is a spirit being and under Satan's cruelty her spirit hardened and was shattered into millions of pieces. Each piece is a soul. Jesus was likewise shattered and each piece also became a soul. (Rev 13 v 8 - the Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world.) These souls were given human bodies on Earth and manifested through their flesh all that Satan did and what evil spirits he bound them to. Some were so spoiled they could never be fixed. But everything that had damaged the rest of them was now visible and able to be diagnosed and repaired. Jesus came to show how this must be achieved.

We need to follow Him into the new creation and understand where our trauma really started to achieve complete victory over it. Even the most spoiled souls can now receive the help they need because of the Resurrection of Jesus. Everything we "signed up for" or were "brainwashed into believing" can be reversed by the Blood of Jesus IF we by our own will agree to break those alliances with Satan.

We were conned, we were scammed, we lost out BUT there is now a way out of it and Jesus will restore us if we agree. We have a free will. We are never forced to accept this or any other Word from God but the promise is still valid and the Will is still valid for us to collect our inheritance.

This means that the pity party is over and we can enter into the full joy of God's abundant blessings for us. Even when we are at our weakest if we call on Jesus He will add His strength to our weakness and we will be invincible.

Prayer: Heavenly Father I will never forget the day when the whole vision had been completely downloaded to me and You gave me the verse Mark 1 v 1 - The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God! I pray for people to know and understand this revelation and apply the power of it to their circumstances to the glory of Jesus' sacrifices both before the world was formed and 2000 years ago on Earth. This knowledge has blessed so many who have received it and set people free of heavy burdens. I worship and adore You Father God. In Jesus' name. Amen.