Monday, 23 September 2013

Prophecy Fulfilled

Scripture: Acts 2 v 14 - 47.


This prophecy was given to me more than 30 years ago, about two years before The Vision of The Bride and what occurred before this world was formed. It was also two years before the ministry to Karen Ann took place.

It is an excerpt from a long prophecy, and one of 15 prophecies that were given within the space of 6 months. They all confirmed and complemented each other.

"Can thou see what I have prepared for thee?  Come walk with me in faith saith the Lord, and I will show thee great and wonderful things, for thy feet shall walk upon land which thou hast never touched in thy life before; thy ears will hear things which thy ears have never heard before; thy eyes shall see things which thine eyes have never seen before saith the Lord.

But be not afraid, be not afraid, thou shalt walk with me in places that are deep.  Thou shalt walk with me in places that would seem dark unto thee but I am the light saith the Lord and I am with thee and with me there is no darkness.  Fear not that which is around thee but walk with me saith the Lord.  Cans’t thou see, saith the Lord, that the ministry that I have called thee in is way far beyond the boundaries that you can see for thy ministry shall encircle this globe saith the Lord.  The work that I have started in this small and humble place shall spread across international borders saith the Lord.

It shall be as high as the clouds, it shall be as deep as the sea, it shall be as wide and as dry as the desert yet it shall be alive and as flowing as the oceans that thou cans’t see.  You would say in your heart - but it is too high, you would say in your heart that it is too wide, you would say in your heart -but it is too deep, Lord. But I ask thee not to travel with me in the physical, I ask thee not to travel with me in the things that the eye can see and the ear can hear and the feet can touch, but I would ask thee to travel with me in the Spirit saith the Lord.  For I would move with thee in the Spirit, I would take thee in the Spirit and I will show thee great and wonderful things."

As the scripture says in the last days we will prophesy and see visions. Sometimes we have to patiently wait for them to unfold. Karen Ann was dead (1985) for 3 years before I even remembered these prophecies but they were found right when I needed them.

She was the first person I ministered to across international borders and we certainly had to be shown great and wonderful things as we moved with God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

(The full story is available on our blog - "The Miracle of Karen Ann" Part 1 and 2.)

Since the arrival of social media like Smart phones, email, Twitter and Facebook the wide wide world has become a global village where information is instantly available anywhere. So being in ministry also enables us to flow in the Spirit using various methods of communication.   It is wonderful to know that the prophecies that come from God are 100% accurate.

The real blessing and power of the Holy Spirit of which Karen Ann was the firstfruits that belong to the Lord, is the ability to share the gospel and pray with people who are in a comatose state or even just totally inaccessible like hostages, captive sex slaves, and others who live in ivory towers.

Being an Intercessor the Lord gives you the anointing to take the place of the sinner or one that is lost and experience the anguish they are going through. You pray through that pain until it lifts and feel the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ reaching the lost soul. There is nothing so wonderful as to feel the love of God connecting with and drawing to Himself one who was lost. 

An Intercessor is also a Watchman who must receive the alarm from the Holy Spirit and bring warning to the Body of Christ of harmful attacks and false doctrines being sent by the enemy to undermine the Church. It is the purpose of this Prophetic Fire Blog to make these alarms audible or visible to you all.

Some may disagree with what I reveal but that is because the wrong teachings started coming into the Church in the early 80's and have become firmly entrenched as "truth" now.

The laughing madness known as Toronto 'blessing' which started in South Africa in the late 80's and is still continuing in the aggressive hands of Todd Bentley and the false angel of light known as Emma, is destroying the truth and depth of the Gospel of Christ. Please hear the alarms and take evasive action. It is just as deadly as the terrorist attack taking place in the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya right now.

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank You for knowing the things yet to come and revealing them through prophecies that stand the test of time. We need to know truth from error and ask You to cause us to hear when the alarm sounds. Prepare a way of escape for us and show it to us. In Jesus' name. Amen.