Wednesday, 4 September 2013

When You Judge

Scripture: Matthew 7 v 1 - 5; Romans 2 v 1 - 11; Romans 12 v 19 - 21.


Most of us grow up having our own opinion on many matters. Today this is enhanced by Radio Talk Shows, Facebook, Twitter etc which gives everyone who wants to add their voice to any topic, the opportunity to do so.

News and sports programs on TV invite people to email their positive or negative comments about breaking news so that the man in the street can share his opinions on Octomom or Roger Federer's defeat at the US Open or the Crisis in Syria.

God says in Matthew 7 v 1 that we should judge not lest we be judged. He continues - By the same measure that you judge your fellow man, will you be judged by Him. So when you enjoy sarcasm and criticism of others you will receive the very same treatment in a do or die moment on the Day of Judgment.

Today (Sept 4, 2013) we heard that a man who held 3 young women in captivity as sex slaves for 10 years in Ohio had committed suicide in his prison cell.  I believe he received the correct judgment from God in that he had no remorse for the evil deeds he did. What you do unto others will be done to you.

In Romans 2 v 1 God's word calls those who judge another "inexcusable"! He says that when you judge another it is because you are guilty of that very same thing. It is human nature to project our failings onto another. This is rooted in PRIDE which is the inability to see faults in ourselves.

We always have excuses or we justify ourselves when someone points out our errors to us. A humble person will acknowledge the fault and correct the behaviour. A judgmental person will keep on trying to get away with it while blaming others.

A consequence of judging others is taking vengeance on them too. In Romans 12 v 19 - 21 we are told to not angrily wreak vengeance on others but to allow God, the Rightful Judge, to decide a fitting punishment for evildoers.

In 1967 the Yom Kippur war started on the Day of Atonement while Israel fasted and prayed for forgiveness of sin. Syria picked this vulnerable moment to send 2000 tanks against the Golan Heights on the Israeli border. Israel had 20 tanks to defend herself with. The few soldiers watched in horror as the Syrian tanks advanced.

Their horror turned to amazement as they saw a huge hand come out of Heaven with one finger pointing to the ground in front of the advancing tanks. When the tanks came to the point where the finger was they stopped and never moved an inch further. A Christian news reporter was given this story and asked the Syrians for comment. They said the order came to halt the tanks so they halted. No one knew why.

God's finger made a judgment and the Syrians are now receiving the consequences of their ill-timed attack. The full judgment of God is upon Syria right now for their evil intentions against His people while they sought His face in prayer and repentance. God has a long memory and perhaps the Egyptians under Pharoah would remember the consequences of trying to stop the Hebrews from worshipping their God before the Exodus. Ten horrific plagues hit that land before the Lord's anger was satisfied.

So just admit that God knows best and in His patience gives a long time for nations to repent, but when they refuse then the judgment of God is true and heavy. It applies to us as individuals too so heed the Word of God and learn to curb your criticisms by renewing your mind to the perfect will of God.

Prayer: Heavenly Father we are all guilty of making rash, or even considered, judgments that are contrary to Your will and which will work against us unless we repent. Forgive us Lord for "playing God" and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. In Jesus' name. Amen.