Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Mind of Christ

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2 v 12 - 16.

Our minds are exceedingly complex and capable of great creative thinking; ability to solve mysteries; manoeuvre arguments and debates, and comfort a little child. We can make split second life-changing decisions and long term progressive unravelling of crime as well as absorb and memorise huge quantities of data.

Strange to think that its been measured that the normal human mind only uses 10% of its capacity in its lifetime. A mind like Einstein used perhaps 15%!! So why do we have such a great waste of brilliant space inside our heads?

When Adam fell under the Serpent's power in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3, he was sent out of the Garden to earn a living by the sweat of his brow. He lost his companionship with God and had to get creative on his own soul level. All mankind dropped from the spiritual heights they could potentially reach to the more mundane soul level.

Jesus was the last Adam, and the second Man - 1 Corinthians 15 v 45 - 47. So Jesus was the last human born under the fallen Adamic race, and the firstborn of the new creation - Romans 8 v 29. Adam was the first Man and he fell causing every human born after him to be born at a lower stature and be subject to sin.

Jesus' death ended that curse. His resurrection gave every person who believed He is the Son of God the potential to be restored to the sinless stature Adam had with God before the fall. We must be born again, baptised in water and the Holy Spirit to have the fullness of the original creation.

When we discover this simple pathway to God and endeavour to live sin-free lives we begin to have more of our brain power restored to us. The gifts of the Holy Spirit reopen the Divine Life within us to possess the Mind of Christ.

Speaking in tongues edifies our minds as we communicate with unknown words directly with our Father in Heaven. We pour out our real needs to God and He responds by refreshing our spirit and sending solutions to our problems.

A word of knowledge or word of wisdom pops into our minds. It is supernatural knowledge, something we did not know beforehand. It gets us out of trouble or helps us minister to someone else in a deep and fruitful way. It opens up revelation knowledge to us from the Word of God.

Prophecy and interpretation of tongues are real encouragement from our Father to know He is watching over us and will bless us if we do well and chastise us if we need it. Miracles, healing, deliverance from demons - through being able to discern spirits - is of unimaginable value.

The gift of faith which so surpasses our normal faith to believe God for the utterly impossible, and see that happen, over and over, is indescribable in its depths. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that we possess the mind of Christ.

We enter into His thoughts and flow with His will for us when we allow Him full control of our lives. Entire days are spent in effective prayer when you are constantly in tune with the mind of Jesus, aware of His plans, being made party to overall outworking of the lives of all people who on Earth do dwell.

To know what Jesus is thinking and desiring about people and situations is 99% of the solution to problems. The 1% is to pray it through with Him before the Father. If the Father hears your petitions which should be according to His will, you will get whatever you ask for.

It takes time to get into the flow and staying tuned in to the voice of the Lord especially with the many distractions of the world to contend with, but when your spiritual life is enhanced by the Holy Spirit your involvement with worldly pursuits decreases remarkably. You have to want the Mind of Christ with all your heart to come up to it but when you do, and you receive it, there is nothing to compare with that adventure of Spirit. It is joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Prayer: Heavenly Father we need to walk in truth with the Mind of Jesus Christ. Help us to get to this place in our spiritual lives where we are using the full capacity of our minds so that we can turn this world upside down for You and rescue the sinners for eternity in Heaven. In Jesus' name. Amen.