Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Earnest Expectation

Scripture: Romans 8 v 19 - 25.


As an Intercessor one of the constant responsibilities is to know what God is doing in the world today, and also what Satan is doing. Then I have to pray in line with both of those aspects in accordance with God's will.

In John 10 v 10 the basics are stated. Satan is here to hurt and kill; God has come to save and give life. From this general plot the specifics emerge. It is important to understand Satan's motive and twisted thinking for mass destruction.

There is no greater weapon of mass destruction on this planet today than the abortion of the unborn. They cannot fight for themselves and have no choice but to succumb. Millions of them have been slaughtered. And the leaders of great nations have aided and abetted Satan by making abortion lawful.

The late Nelson Mandela, much revered around the world, declared a saint by some, made abortion legal in South Africa. By ideology he was a communist.  But in this week of his death he has been eulogized to the rooftops and beyond with many other Heads of State paying homage to his greatness.

For sure he was a great statesman who averted a bloodbath when apartheid collapsed. He is an icon for his ability to unite this nation even in his death.

About abortion. God suddenly showed me this week the reason why Satan likes this method of killing.

The Lord reminded me of the birth of Jesus and of Moses when great slaughter of newborns was made in Israel and Egypt respectively. Why did Herod and Pharoah suddenly decide to kill male babies en masse. It was because Satan knew that at those times a great deliverer would rise and he wanted to make sure such a babe died before he could cause the enemy trouble.

Our God outwitted him both times and will again. This time in the world who does Satan fear? He is terribly afraid of the manifestation of the Sons of God! In Romans 8 v 19 we read: "For the earnest expectation of the creature (creation) waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God." Verse 21 says that at this time the whole of creation shall be delivered of the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

Satan does not know when or where or how many of these deliverers will be born but his strategy is to kill as many as he can before they are even born seeing as the previous two (Jesus and Moses) survived and wrecked all his plans.

No matter the laws or reasons or excuses for abortions, the real hidden reason has now been revealed. Satan is trying to kill the unknown but powerful children of God who will manifest and destroy corruption.

We heard the voice of these echoing through the stadium where Nelson Mandela's memorial took place, whenever the corrupt president Jacob Zuma's face appeared on the big screen. Sustained booing and heckling from his own party members in their thousands. Mandela gave them a voice and they used it effectively.  Corruption has a face and the crowd loathed it.

So God is fighting against the bondage of corruption which is the reward of sin. He will win this battle against his enemy.  How do we work with Him to overcome this evil?

We must firstly be ruthless with our own selves. Diligently search our own hearts to root out hidden wrongfulness. A little bit of leaven leavens the whole lump.  Sin cuts your communication with God. Repentance reconnects you.

So if you are not hearing from God its not His fault. Get clean and holy before him. You could be one of the manifested sons (I am not referring to a cult by that name!) spoken of in Romans 8. You could be well hidden in your obscurity but the hand of God is upon you and He is getting you ready for a powerful last days ministry.

Once you are delivered from the corruption of sin you need to shine your light in places the Lord will guide you towards. Stop worrying about what others think about you. If Noah had listened to his critics and disobeyed God we would all have been lost forever.

So think about family and friends who don't know Jesus. If you get tongue-tied just lead them to this blog and encourage them to read it.

Whoever you may be your Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to be safe from harm. He wants to use you to make others safe and who knows if in the doing of it you fulfil the earnest expectations of those who groan as they wait for God's deliverers to arrive.

Prayer: Father God, as Lot cried out against the evildoers in Genesis and Paul spared not to lambast the Pharisees, You want us to confront the ungodly and make a compelling stand and witness for Jesus. Help us overcome our fear of men and their ridicule to be bold and couragous against for His sake. In Jesus' name. Amen.