Monday, 31 March 2014

Irreversible Climate Change


Luke 21 v 10-11: "Then said He unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall be there from heaven."

Today the UN has released its report on Global Climate Change and pronounced it a man-made problem that is severe and irreversible and the flooding, extinction of some species, runaway fires, wars, food shortages, droughts and severe storms will continue and worsen.

For Christians this is not tragic but a major wake up to get ready for Jesus to first catch the born again Church universal to meet Him in the sky above Earth, and then for Him to come back to put an end to the turbulence, violence, fraud, corruption in governments and institutions, sin, rape, sexual predators, murder etc.

The world knows nothing of the promise of Jesus. They will spend billions trying to save what they can and build better protection against the next unpredictable disaster.  They are afraid of  unknown viruses that will bring pandemics and mass death tolls.

The world wants Israel to give East Jerusalem and the West Bank to the Palestinians, who want to make Jerusalem the capital of the Palestinian state while refusing to recognise the right of Israel to exist.

Either the Bible is a work of fiction or every word of it comes from God and is true. God calls Israel His Chosen and the apple of His eye. He will never forsake her. So the brave souls who want to annihilate her will come face to face with Him and will be slain.

The Churches who do not follow the precepts of the Bible but mix in philosophy, sorcery, other religious beliefs to create harmony and tolerance will have their candle removed by Jesus. This represents salvation and anointing. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth on Judgment Day.

Jesus Christ said in John 14v6: "I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me."

There is no other name but Jesus through which we can be saved. Mary cannot save us at the hour of our death as is repeated millions of times a day by misguided Roman Catholic believers. Neither is Mary the Mother of God. She is the mother of Jesus in His earthly life. Elevating Mary to be a co-Saviour with Jesus is wrong and offensive to God. It also does not work and millions who expect her to save them will be lost forever.

When the Great Tribulation comes upon the world, the Christians will be long gone from this planet, it will bring the worst disasters ever known. The restraint that the presence of Christians would have, will be gone. The wrath of the Lamb will be unleashed like the flood was sent in Noah's Day.

The wrath unleashed on Sodom and Gomorrah is just a microcosm of the universal destruction that will be visited upon those who flout God's holy writ. The world rejoices that gay marriage in church is now law. It came into law just moments before the UN Report on Climate Change. Is it just me or is there a warning in the timing of these two events?

I don't hate gay people. They are sinners in their lifestyle and sin is never very far from any of us. Christians are washed in the Blood of the Lamb and forgiven and must Go and sin no more.

But for a so-called Christian nation like (not so great) Britain to gloat about overturning God's Word and making a contrary law to replace it will make the likes of Wesley and Wigglesworth spin in their graves.

A brave (former) MP had the temerity to say that the disastrous floods on the Somerset Levels were God's judgment on the Gay Marriage Bill!

Strangely following the new law and the Un Report, they have today started dredging the Parrett River in Somerset to try to prevent it happening again. I wish the good people of Somerset no damage but our God will not be mocked.

At the same time the whole world is wondering what happened to Malaysian Air MH370. The most sophisticated searching equipment is unable to find any trace of it. The mystery is profound and only God knows the truth. It could take years to locate this plane and the sad families desperate for knowledge, are left sorrowing.

All of these things are happening to show that Jesus spoke the truth in Luke 21. It is confirmed in Matthew 24 and Mark 13. He said fearful things would happen in nature just before He returned to Earth. It has begun.

Sceptics should start to believe in the truth of the Bible and everyone who is not born again should change that status as soon as possible.

Jesus is calling the whole world to follow Him into eternal life in Heaven. He has prepared mansions for us to live in on streets paved with solid gold. Heaven is a beautiful place that is free of every stress, problem, sin or sickness. It is our real home.

Prayer: Heavenly Father You do not need to prove Yourself to us. When we are born again and the weight of sin leaves us, we know You are our Father. The time has come for Jesus to return for us and the signs of climate change are there to alert us. Help us to gather in the souls of those still unsaved in the great final harvest ahead. In Jesus' name. Amen.