Monday, 10 March 2014

Last Days Agenda


Mark 1 v 1: "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God."


Back in 1979 the Holy Spirit started me on a journey that had two mystifying objectives. One stream was to intercede for Karen Ann Quinlan who had been in a permanent vegetative coma since April 1974, even continuing to live after her parents won a pioneering court case to switch off her life support in 1976.

The second stream was the revelation of all that happened before the Earth was formed. It meant starting at Genesis and working backwards and being amazed at how much information was available on this subject in the Bible.

Both these streams became strong rivers in 1984 when the Lord opened a spiritual door to allow me to speak spirit to spirit with Karen Ann. Within 24 hours of that huge ground shaking event, Jesus used her to reach every person on Earth in a coma so that I could share the gospel of salvation with them. Jesus told me that 5000 people in coma got saved that night. And every comatose person heard me speaking in their own language. The Lord gave me Deuteronomy 4 v 32 to confirm it.

"For ask now of the days that are past, which were before thee, since the day that God created man upon the earth, and ask from the one side of heaven unto the other, whether there has been any such thing as this great thing is, or hath been heard like it?"

It was an act of God and He laid a platform for things to come which has grown deeper and more powerful over the years. 

Simultaneously the Lord graciously showed me why we came to be on Earth; how Satan had fallen from heaven and taken a hostage, the Bride of Christ, with him for leverage. The ransom demanded was none other than Jesus Himself in exchange for her.

Then Satan shattered her tormented and brainwashed spirit into millions of pieces - each piece became known as a soul - and collected them into 12 baskets under God's command.

Jesus left heaven to go into that realm. He called it the Six Days Realm. In the 6 days the Creation was taking place, these events were happening in Satan's kingdom.

The souls of the shattered Bride and also of the shattered Body of Christ needed a place to heal and regather. In Revelation 13 v 8 it says the Lamb of God was slain from the foundation of the world.  This was when He was shattered in the Six Days Realm. That's why we are on Earth. To manifest the trauma of what we went through in those Six Days for God to heal us and place us in our proper body.

The Bride is Israel; the Church is born again Christians ie the Body of Christ. The Marriage of the Lamb is when the two completed bodies are united. The Christian rapture brings the Body of Christ to the Head, which is Jesus. We will meet Him in the air above Earth.

The Bride is rescued in the Battle of Armageddon, which is Satan's last chance to destroy her using the combined armies of the whole world.

The ministry to Karen Ann revealed to me that Jesus' Bride is in a spiritual coma from which He will awaken her and she will recognise Him as her Messiah and Husband.

Part of Satan's agenda to exalt his throne above the stars of Almighty God was to be married to the Bride of Jesus. He compromised her in heaven; and again in the Garden of Eden, as she was Eve; and in Jerusalem when Jesus was crucified by her choice.

She will betray Jesus once more when she signs a peace treaty with the Arab nations with the Antichrist facilitating it. But Jesus knows what was done to make her reject Him and when He brings her out of that coma she will know the truth too.

All of these amazing revelations are fully explained on the blog starting with "Whom God Foreknew"; "The Prince of This World"; "The Ransom"; "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil"; "The Six Day Realm Unpacked"; "In The Very Beginning"; "Jesus' Bride"; "The Jigsaw Puzzles"; "What Is Man?"; "What Does It Mean?". "The Miracle of Karen 1"; The Miracle of Karen Ann 2" give the full story of her amazing life. PropheticFire blog  on

In order to truly understand the true depth of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ you need to know why we are on this rock somewhere between Heaven and Hell and why there is such a battle for our souls. Satan is fighting for his life and as in a divorce where children are used as pawns to hurt the other parent, so he uses and abuses us to Hurt Our Father and Jesus.

He wants us to hurt, murder, rape, betray, defraud, abuse, lie, slander and destroy the other members of the Bride and Bridegroom. He wants us to be drugged, drunk, gay, perverted and crazy to distract us from the call of God. Let us not be part of his evil plans for this Earth and its people. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.

We are redeemed (ransomed) with the mighty price of the Blood of Jesus. He alone has saved mankind from the fires of Hell. No other god or religion can make this claim.

The World Agenda under Antichrist is to make laws, rules, systems that are completely contrary to the Word of God and which He calls abominations. Abortion is the murder of a soul Jesus died for, which never had a chance to manifest its trauma and be healed.  Homosexuality is the twisting of a soul which was conned and brainwashed in the Six Days Realm. Only Jesus knows how to straighten that twist out.

You cannot outlaw gay people or people with cancer or gamblers. They are just manifesting the evil that Satan did to them before they were born on Earth.

Those who are saved must witness about Jesus to those who are lost. We are responsible before God to do whatever we can to help them.

Prayer: Heavenly Father every day with You is a miracle and a blessing. You gave me this anointing to reach the unreachable souls and I thank You for Your love and mercy. I pray for wisdom, understanding for all who read this that they will know the truth and be set free. In Jesus' name. Amen.