Monday, 25 August 2014

Doctrines of Man


Matthew 15 v 8 - 9: "This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from Me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."

Throughout history and also our lives we need to determine truth from error as we journey towards our final destination. Jesus is saying if we deviate from His teachings we worship Him in vain. In vain of what may we ask? In vain of making it to Heaven is what. 

If it is so important then we need to be sure of getting it right and there is so much doctrinal rubbish and debris swirling around that it is difficult to discern right from wrong.

In our cultures we revere the preacher in the pulpit, sometimes to popstar status.  This is our first mistake because it gives the preacher a mantle of infallibility.  This results in pride which leads to a fall.

We must check out everything we receive across the pulpit with what is written in the Bible. Little barbs of error can be hidden in the flowery phrases. It may sound good and right and holy but be just enough off track to become a doctrine of man down the years.

I am sure the Church of Rome started out beautifully until about 400 years later the powers that be chose to amalgamate Christianity with the Babylonian religion to keep everyone happy.

It meant that Babylonian gods and goddesses and beings that were worshipped got new names. Mary, Joseph and Jesus were once Semiramis, Baal and Nimrod. Nimrod was born on 25 December, Jesus wasn't. Mary became elevated to goddess stature because of the power of the witch Semiramis.

The power of the Roman Catholic Church is much more vested in Mary than in Jesus Christ. Mary did not die for your sins or become your Saviour. Just check out the prayers on the Rosary (an occultic prayer counter). Ten prayers for Mary against one for Jesus.

Baptism or Christening of babies is not a Christian ceremony at all. It hails back to Baal to whom babies were sacrificed. They had water sprinkled on their heads and were named before being thrown onto the fire. It does not please God to have His people put faith in such error.

Today we have doctrines like the commanding of angels. It is universal and sounds holy but we have no authority over God's heavenly host. It would cause real confusion if we commanded an angel to do something contrary to God's will.

Commanding angels comes from witchcraft, which is the control of people or events through the power of spirits other than the Holy Spirit. Therefore when you send forth angels, or even ask God to send them you are interfering in the spiritual order of things. The only angels that can respond are fallen angels under Satan's control.

How many are sending (false) angels to Iraq to help the Christians withstand ISIS? Or to help Israel? Or the abducted Nigerian girls? You are sending power to the enemy to destroy them. How many angels were sent to spare Christians from being beheaded? Or to prevent Xenophobia?  What will you say to Jesus one day? I never knew it was wrong!!  Thousands of Christians are sending their quota of 64000 angels each to heal the world.  What if the plagues, terror attacks, financial upheaval, increase in life shortening diseases, breakdown of marriages, abuse of children is being manipulated by these fallen angels?

Fallen angels are of a higher order than demons.  Satan is a fallen angel.  They are powerful when people give them power, like commanding the angels.  People engaged in sending angels will experience bondage in finances, relationships, health, and spiritual growth. Until you repent and cancel every command given to these false spirits they will keep harassing you.

Many other false doctrines abound like Dominion Theology or Kingdom Now Theology which came from these false angels. The whole Interfaith Movement is fuelled by the false spirits to mingle pure worship of God with man made religions. Jesus says in Matthew 24 Be not deceived!

Any church that is not preaching the full gospel is misleading you with fine words and sentiments that may cost you your eternal life. You must be born again, baptized by immersion in water, filled with baptism of the Holy Spirit to truly call Jesus the Lord of your life.

We are seeing the curtain raiser of Antichrist rule in what ISIS is doing today. Satan will manifest on Earth through his evil trinity of the Antichrist, the Beast and the False Prophet. This last is Mohammed. He comes to kill, steal and destroy.  Many people claim that Islam is a peaceful religion.  Tell that to the family members of victims.  These "lone wolf" attackers are now being explained as people with mental health problems.  Only Jesus can heal them and set them free.

Satan gives no free will. He forces people to accept him as god through fear and death. His time is running short and he is now rampant to collect as many scalps as he can.  The doctrines of men and the doctrines of demons are one of his chief weapons to lead people astray.

I hope you take this word seriously and send it on to others as the Lord leads you. Jesus needs us to be wise because His people are perishing from lack of knowledge.

Prayer: Heavenly Father if we are being falsely led we need to find new pastures filled with truth and righteousness. We need to come out from among them and be separated to You to be safe from eternal death. You have made a way for us through Jesus to come home to You. Help us not to miss it through the doctrines of men. In Jesus' name. Amen.