Monday, 21 September 2015

Ask, Seek, Knock

Scripture: Matthew 7 v 7
"Ask and it shall be given; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you."

These simple words hold important keys to effective prayer and deeper intercession. When you seek you will be shown something deeper. You need to know why it is there and how it originated. Its like a surgeon searching out every bit of cancerous tissue and looking for the origin. You are engaged to hunt down what lies beneath and not just what is obvious on the surface.

Why does a man or woman become an alcoholic or a drug addict? Why is illicit sex so popular? Why do wars, disasters, terrorism and kidnapping  trouble our planet? We need to knock on Heaven's door for answers. Sometimes personal problems "run in the family". There is a history from generation to generation of alcoholism; insanity; abuse; haemophilia; heart disease; family feuds etc.

This is when we need the gift of discerning of spirits of good and evil. You cannot cast out a sickness or disease, you cannot heal a demon. You need to determine what you are dealing with before you can help.  Kind words and sympathy don't help a family melt down. Its like putting a plaster over gangrene. The rot has set in and radical surgery is needed. Seek and you will find exactly what is at the root.

How many thousands of people go through life with problems that can be dealt with very simply. In these modern times many pooh pooh the existence of demons, which pleases the demons, and their master. We have seen incredible victories after deliverance prayer.

A man accompanied his friend who wanted prayer for healing of a skin disease. They were sitting in my lounge. After I had prayed for him the friend told me he had been boarded from his job and had not worked for 19 years. I asked if he wanted prayer, he said yes.  There was a demon sitting on his back. I bound it and told it to leave. He was totally set free of crippling pain instantly. He returned to work the following week 100% fit.

In Britain this week they are troubled by the increasing cases of dementia in their nation. The word actually means "bound by demons". They will spend millions of pounds on research and be no better off because there is no medical cure for demonic bondage. It would cost nothing for those who minister deliverance to set the captives free. However the world would reject a spiritual solution to this problem.

2 Timothy 1 v 7: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of A sound mind."

Seek the underlying cause of problems like alcoholism and drug abuse. Every single time you will find hurt, betrayal, abuse, bitterness and memory recall of hurts. No smoke without fire. So let's put the evil fire out. Seek out the reason for "self-medication" through drugs or alcohol. Who needs to be forgiven to release that buried pain? Forgive so that you may be forgiven said Jesus.

Seek to know what witchcraft is! Not the mumbo jumbo, spells and curses kind which truly exists and does harm today; but the nature of a witch or warlock. They are demanding, possessive, blackmailing - extortion and emotional; forceful, controlling, blaspheming, selfish, spiteful, lying, bitter and rebellious people. They are power hungry and use people then reject them. Many people have no idea that their bad behaviour is caused by spirits that gained a hold over their soul through "innocent" games like glassy-glassy or any involvement in witchcraft.

Famous South African  ancestors like Hintsa, Dingaan, Chaka etc rule from beyond the grave.   This is spiritualism through mediums and is forbidden by God. The African people have grown up under these traditions and are swayed by them to do the bidding of the ancestors.  We need to ask, seek and knock on the doors of Heaven to release African believers from involvement with these "familiar spirits" that deceive people with their masquerade of their dead heroes or family members.

Let us follow Jesus and do the will of our Father in Heaven. Ask for guidance; seek the origin of problems and uproot them; knock on Heaven's door for revelation about serious international issues that need strong prayer to bring solutions. Remember nothing is too difficult for Jesus to fix.

Prayer: Heavenly Father we are warned not to worship idols but we need reminding. You are our God and no other is worthy of adoration. Steer us through these troubling times, Father, as we seek You we will find answers. In Jesus' name. Amen.