Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Early Morning Prophecy

Early Morning Prophecy

While reading my Bible to find the mind of the Lord for today's Bible study, I clearly heard the Lord's voice urging me to share the following message with you.

My beloved ones, heed My words today for a complacency has settled upon you, a folding of the hands, a passing by and ignoring of those who have fallen. You look away and even despise those who are lying in the dust of sin and shame.

Were you not once one of them? Did I not send believers to tell you of My love for you? Did I not bring you out of darkness into Light? Each one has a purpose and I have a plan for each saved soul, says the Lord. My plan and purpose is for each of you to put aside your selfish self-satisfaction and look around you, says Jesus, look around you to see the backsliders, the destitute, the ill, the powerless, the heathen and be an instrument in My hands to lift them up and share your knowledge of Me with them.

How will they hear if you don't tell them? How will they know Me and be saved if you withhold your testimony and all the blessings you have received from My hand? If you look away you deny Me the opportunity to save a soul from hell or heal a bleeding wound.

You cry to me for help, for healing, for mercy and you receive it; but if another cries, says the Lord God, you pretend not to hear. There may come a day when I no longer hear your voice, or your cry, because of the clamour of the fallen all around you.

So as the darkness of this age closes in upon the world let your light shine to draw them out of their dark places and share My Word with them. Break the Bread of salvation for them to eat and be filled as you have been filled. For I love you and have said I will be with you always. I will never leave you because I want to shine through you to light the way for the lost and weary to find the right path.

I want to speak through you and touch them through your hands, and strengthen them with the Holy Spirit. Through you I can bless and lift them except when the cares of this world overburden you. Have I not said roll your burdens onto Me and I will refresh you? I have overcome the world to enable you to walk in My footsteps.

So My precious ones, I, your Sovereign Lord, who purchased your souls with My own Blood, do ask that you boldly go on a rescue mission to bring the lost and fallen and broken souls to Me that I may heal and restore them. Go by faith; go by your heart's desire; go by love for Me; but go and your reward will be great.