Sunday, 20 December 2015

God's Mighty Love

God's Mighty Love

Scripture: Psalm 40 v 4 - 5:
"Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies. Many, O Lord my God, are Thy wonderful works which Thou hast done, and Thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto Thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered."

We know that God is LOVE!  Everything He does for us is done in love and for our benefit. We are much more aware of those benefits if we put our full trust in Him. Not just saying "Oh I trust God for everything" but still leaning on your own self-reliance and talents for most things.

We need to trust Jesus with those dearest to us, that He cares for them far more than we could ever imagine. If we teach them to live by His standards they will always know truth from error and as long as they walk in truth He will keep them from all harm.

We must not have respect for the proud because pride wants to exalt itself above God. Pride caused Satan to fall from Heaven and caused all of us to be estranged from our Father. Proud people are selfish, harsh and manipulative and imagine themselves better than the rest. Jesus does not want us to follow their ways as they will lead us away from God.

Be so filled with truth that lies from others find no entry into our mind and soul. Don't listen to lies, rumours, gossip, evil imaginations that will poison our minds and cause us to make a false judgments. Let's fill our heart with good things that honour the Lord. He will quickly show us the errors we need to discard.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could know what His thoughts are about us? If we watch how the most loving parents we know pour out their time and resources to give their children the best upbringing they could ever have. They give the correct balance of love and discipline to ensure their children are a blessing to everyone. A thousand times more does our Father do that for us.

You cannot outgive God. You cannot love more than He does. Those who are blessed with riches and have financial managers and savings which give them a high percentage of returns would be amazed to learn that our Father gives 100% returns on investments into His Kingdom tax free.

If we invest in the people or groups that are bringing the lost into His kingdom we will never have a need He will not meet.  In my own life I was always led by the Holy Spirit to take in people who needed a home and ministry for their problems. The Lord has always provided a home for me and met every need as I live by faith.

In 1979 the Lord instructed me to cancel all reliance on the world system and live by faith in Him alone. So I have no medical plan; life insurance; annuity fund; income; or pension plan. I have good health and the ability to help others and live completely debt free. I can only give God the glory and worship Him for preparing me for so long to truly trust Him. If hard times are coming on the world that trust needs to be firmly established.

So I can truly testify of the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord and encourage you all to trust Him to watch over you and yours as you follow the footsteps of Jesus.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, You are exalted Lord God above everything. You know us so well, even the number of hairs on our heads. Let us honour You by loving one another and blessing one another throughout all our days. In Jesus' name. Amen.