Thursday, 18 February 2016

My Testimony

My Testimony

Scripture: Psalm 51 v 1 - 2:
"Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin."

I got saved on 13th August, 1974 at 9.21pm in a dingy flat in Berea, Johannesburg, where I fled from a jealous, wife-beating alcoholic husband. We had been married four long, painful years and had one son.

I remember the date very well as that was when the divorce was granted.  I had met Jesus a few months earlier and prayed for release. Since I had left home there was a huge battle going on in my mind: God hates divorce and will reject you; and a quieter voice saying, don't be afraid, I am doing this.

On the night of 13 August I asked a few friends round for dinner. By 8.30pm I knew they were not coming. I had no telephone so I had no idea why they hadn't come. I became angry with God. I took my complaint to the very top. I cried and yelled and stormed at Him. About the horrible marriage; the messy divorce; the absent friends; everything else. 

I retrieved a Bible I had been given. It was a paperback version still in its cellophane wrapper. I opened it and waved it in the general direction of God, angry that I would not know where to find immediate help for my pain as I did not know where to look. Suddenly there was a presence in the room and this Bible fell open in my hands on Psalm 51! It was held open so I could read it! It was literally written for me.

I read that Psalm over and over and prayed for forgiveness, repenting of every sin that was brought to mind. The Blood of Jesus cleansed me and He became Lord of my life. It was only in the morning that I remembered how the Bible had stayed open. Jesus was holding it open for me. My rant had made Him real. And He heard my cry and answered me immediately. What an awesome God we serve. 
That was 42 years ago and I have never let go of His hand. Jesus has led me through many difficult situations and taught me the real meaning of life in Him. He called me to intercede for nations and people, and I do my best while He does the rest.

He led me to publish these Bible studies on the Prophetic Fire blog as He wants to use them to get people out of a rut and into a knowing that each one of you can do your utmost for his highest. He has a plan and purpose for every one of you so yield to Him today and allow His plan to operate fully through you.

I have seen many miracles over the years including the dead being raised; a tsunami stopped; ministry to people in coma; cancers healed; HIV/AIDS healed; marriages restored from hopeless despair to full blessing; many being delivered of demons; many being saved. There is tremendous power for good in the Holy Spirit and His gifts. Do not neglect Him or them.  The adventures in faith I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, are available for everyone to experience.

Prayer: Heavenly Father Your salvation means everything to me. I was lost, weak, frightened and alone and You heard my cries and You responded with love, mercy, forgiveness and a whole new life. Jesus has never let me down and never left me to battle alone. You have met every need and You are the One True God. I pray that all people will have an opportunity to know You like I do. Its Heaven on Earth. In Jesus' mighty name. Amen.