Monday, 1 August 2016

Make Straight Your Paths

Scripture: Isaiah 45 v 2:
"I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron."

There are things in this life that we cannot overcome on our own, especially that which we cannot see - the prisons of the mind and soul.  Without Jesus going before us these barriers are impossible to clear out of your way. He sees beforehand the obstacles in our path and asks us to walk in His footsteps to avoid landmines.

He knows our fears and weaknesses; He understands our human nature and the sins we battle with.  We need to surrender these negative elements to Him so that we do not oppose His ministry to us.  He will send people and situations across our path that will frustrate us for a while, but as we learn to cope and deal with them we will find those crooked places have been made straight.

In this world we can be deceived by those who lurk in dark places to trip us and catch us in their schemes. Jesus can make a straight path of honesty and truth to teach sinners to know there is a better way.  If we rely on Him He will reveal scams and swindlers before we fall into their evil traps.

The gates of brass that block us spiritually from growing in grace through faith, Jesus will break them into pieces when we pray to get past them. We may have ignorantly backed ourselves into these problems. So ask that every blockage we have erected be shattered.  Every new doctrine can become a brass gate if it contains a lie or twisted truth.  Give it to Jesus in prayer for Him to reveal any errors.

The bars of iron speak of imprisonment, captivity and bondage. When we are freed from sin we have leverage to pray for Jesus to burst these bars asunder. He will reveal the hidden layers of ancestral curses and set us free.  These curses are real and can be seen in a family history of disease or mental illness.  

Jesus is the mighty conqueror of this world and the Creator of every being. Nothing is too hard for Him to do. He reveals to those who pray the things that need shattering and removing and raises up those who have struggled and fills them with joy.  

Through the Blood of Jesus you are born again, and every sin is forgiven; Satan has no place in you, or power over you.  Through the Blood of Jesus you are set free of every curse or disease.  Believe in what He has done for you and receive your reward.

Prayer: Lord Jesus help me to be free of crooked places; brass gates and iron bars that block me from the full power of Your Spirit being manifested in me. Fill me with love peace and joy today.  Through the power of Your Blood, she'd for me on Calvary, I am free.  Thank You. Amen.