Thursday, 6 October 2016

Come Out Of Darkness

For the past week these words have been thundering in my spirit and today whatever Jesus has to say is going to come forth.

"Yes, I am calling on My people, My body, to choose between staying in the darkness of a lame, ineffectual situation or seeing Me as the true Light and following Me in a serious way so that together we may bring this strength to the nations.

You need the power of the Holy Spirit to enable you to reach them all.  You need His gifts to be operating effectively in every congregation and meeting place as it is not by  earthly power, nor by the might of armies, but by My Spirit says Jesus, that these lost souls can be reached.  Without the Holy Spirit your candle is barely flickering and your anointing is at a very low level.

I came to reconcile you to Our Father as sin and disobedience put you into eternal darkness.  Only the sacrifice of a sinless Son could remove the barrier between God and your souls.  Your flesh is just a vehicle to assess and correct the damage sin has caused to your soul.  If your soul wants to remain in darkness and not accept the full light the Holy Spirit desires to bring you, it is a choice you must make.

The day is fast approaching when the Holy Spirit will be poured out on all flesh.  It will be a time of great revival, great weeping, great repentance, great blessings.  If you have trained your soul to resist My Spirit there is a possibility that at the time you need Him most, the Holy Spirit will have withdrawn from you, as He is sensitive and must not be grieved nor offended.

I am calling you all to come out of this darkness as I love you and do not want to lose anyone.  I died for all and to make a way for the promise the Father made, to be realised.  He promised the baptism of the Holy Spirit to all who repented and were baptised in water.  He did not expect believers to reject His gifts. Gifts that would build you up spiritually, and enable you to be witnesses of My resurrection power working in you. 

In these last days you are going to need the fullness of God to survive the onslaught of the Antichrist, who is already working openly and largely unchallenged.  Only through the correct operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit will you be able to do this.  I urge you to seek them with all your ability.  Only the names of those who overcome the evil son of perdition will remain written in the Book of Life.

Look into your heart and assess your present standing.  Are you really doing the will of the Father? All the time, some of the time, seldom, never?  Do you know what the will of the Father is? There are only two things you will be asked on Judgment Day by the Father - Do you know My Son? Did you do My will?  He will look to Me and if your name is not in the Book of Life I will answer that I never knew you and that you did not do His will.

I never want to say those words to you or anyone else.  So come out of the darkness of Interfaith, and the False blessing of Toronto, and wherever the gifts of the Holy Spirit are shunned.  Turn aside from self-realisation to realising that I am the Way to the Father, and you need to follow Me into the true Light.  Forsake the False church of Rome, which massacred millions for a lie and elevated Mary above Me.  Seek Me only and walk in My ways to be eternally secure.

Turn aside from those pastors and evangelists who are filled with pride and arrogance who have become rich and who teach that success equals salvation.  Woe to the pastors who feed themselves and neglect My flock.  I will remove them and raise up those who will love the lowly and who are humble and kind.

Today is the day of salvation and new resolve.  The world is in turmoil and it increases every day.  Extreme weather, deadly diseases, anarchy, displaced unwanted people, terrorists, wars, greed and corruption.  This is the manifestation of Satan knowing that his final end is near.  He wants to tear this world apart.  I hold it in the palm of My hand but you must overcome it.  

These are the words of Jesus Christ, Son of God." Amen.