Monday, 2 January 2017

We Are Always Triumphant

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 2 v 14:  "Now thanks be unto God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of His knowledge by us in every place."

Here we are at the beginning of 2017 with a clean slate ahead of us to start us off.  How will this slate look by this time next year?  If we walk in His ways and obey His statutes, the individual guidance and direction, He will always cause us to triumph over the adverse traps the enemy has set for us.  The measure of our obedience will be seen a year from now.

In the world we have to take our chances and there is not always a certain victory; life in the world is a gamble and many try to find guidance from astrology, horoscopes, mediums, psychics and other such people and practices. This is dangerous territory for the unwary and can lead to demonic oppression and bondage to the occult.  One of the strong evidences of bondage to the occult is depression.  The deeper your involvement is linked to your own depths of depression.  This can also be inherited from previous generations.

Oppression and bondage can be described as compulsive behaviour; things you cannot control anymore because suddenly, and without warning, you go from a dabbler to unrelenting pressure to perform. The only way to successfully break this demonic control is through commitment to Jesus.  He died to set the captives free.

Bondage or demonic control is manifested when you cannot break a bad habit like drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, sexual lust, porn, anger, visiting mediums, gambling. There are always triggers that set people off and once you have found the inner signal you can, by prayer and ministry, overcome it. Bitterness and forgiveness are very common roots of problems like addictions, and can also be inherited.  An example is family feuds, or other feuds like gangs, that continue for generations.

Those who are "possessed by demons" are serial serious offenders like rapists, murderers, molesters, wife-beaters, psychopaths, fanatical militants, religious maniacs, cult leaders, the hopelessly insane. Every one of these can be completely set free by Jesus but very few ever seek that freedom for their lives.   

A Pastor in Pretoria some years ago, had a dream about a woman who was locked in a padded cell in Weskoppies, a local sanatarium.  In the dream he was given her name and instructed by Jesus to go into her cell and loose her from her demons.  After much persuasion the authorities let him in, but warned him that she was very violent and very dangerous so he must not enter that cell.

He stood outside and put his arm through an opening and started to pray.  He heard ferocious growling sounds from within and screamed as she tore and bit his arm wounding him terribly.  While he was in the ER being stitched and bandaged the Lord spoke clearly to him, "Did I not say you must go into her cell and pray?"  

And so he went back and after much harder arguments was finally given permission.  As he entered the cell she sprang at him like a wild beast.  He shouted, "Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ I bind you.  Come out of this woman!"  To the astonishment of all observers, she collapsed at his feet.  She was sobbing.  She said she was sorry she hurt his arm, but she had had a dream that he was coming to set her free and she was trying to stop him from leaving.  She was completely set free and repented of involvement in the occult and Satanism that had caused the demons to possess her.  To God be the glory great things He has done.

Those who have chosen to follow Jesus will always triumph over evil. First we have to get the log out of our own eye before we deal with someone else's splinter. This is not just a one time prayer session but an ongoing process as we deal with bitterness, rejection, memories of hurts, tragedies, loss, shock, fear and every other thing we experienced before Jesus became our Lord.

The more free we become from religion to the blessing and joy of life in Christ, the more will He use us to help others. His fragrance will permeate everything we do and travel to the ends of the Earth in testimonies.

Years ago a man came to me for healing of psoriasis, a bad skin rash, and his neighbour drove him to my house. While praying for the first man I felt a strong pain in my back. I asked him if he suffered from some problem in his spine. He said No but his neighbour said he had been boarded from work 19 years before after a spinal injury. Jesus set him free and healed him. He was back at work the following week. Many people came to know Jesus through him.

So let us give thanks to the Lord for He has the victory over every situation. You may not understand why you are going through a time of trouble in your life, but Jesus has measured it, and allowed it, for your opportunity to triumph over adversity. He holds our future in His steady hands and we are grateful He does.

Prayer: Father God, we praise and thank You for Your love and care for us. We find ourselves in predicaments without human solutions and You cause us to triumph over them so You may be glorified. You dwell in the praises of Your people and we can only rejoice as the savour of the knowledge of Jesus goes far and wide. In Jesus' name. Amen.