Monday, 16 April 2018

Intercession of the Holy Spirit

Scripture: Romans 8 v 26 - 27:  "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.
 27  And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God."

The blessing of my life is to be an Intercessor called and appointed by God and not by man. It is not an art learned in church or promotion in a prayer group, it is rather unexplainable to those who are not of the same calling.

Intercession seems to be unique to each person too. The Welsh intercessor, Rees Howells, who passed away in 1955, defeated Hitler, in World War 2, on his knees. He was one who obeyed the Holy Spirit moment by moment throughout his life.

When he was shown a need, like the starving widows of India, he would move out of his mother's house, into a bare room and allow himself only the same daily handful of rice the starving widows lived on. Then he could truly understand their plight and pray it through. He was standing in the gap for them.

However, there are many situations we cannot duplicate and only the Holy Spirit can manifest them. You can pray up to a point and then you become aware of a different anointing. It is when the Holy Spirit takes over. You sense Him but you cannot interfere. In my experience when He has broken through a single high-pitched sound lasting a fraction of a second is uttered. It is like His intercession is compressed into that one sound.

I have heard people groaning for hours in intercessory prayer. I have not witnessed the Holy Spirit in it. When the Bible says His groans cannot be uttered I have to agree. He is in deep communion with God at a level we cannot aspire to but we see the results stretched out over a period of time, even years, as the will of God unfolds.  

When the Christians as a whole are stirred to pray, the deeper needs are given to the Intercessors by the Holy Spirit, the deepest ones are dealt with by Him. Intercessors are called by God because He has given them enhanced revelation gifts to enable them to receive deep communication from Him and the instructions on how to pray it through.

My intercession and ministry to Karen Ann took me to a new level of standing in the gap for a helpless case. But it opened a door that only God can close that enables me to communicate with unreachable people through the Holy Spirit and via the Throne of God. Karen Ann fell into an irreversible coma in 1974, ten days after her 21st birthday.

Her parents went to the Supreme Court and were the first to win the right to switch off her life support machines when she had been combat of search for two years.  What made her extra famous was that after the life support was removed she carried on living without it.  For many years.

The Holy Spirit led our prayer group to pray deeply for her after she had been in coma for 9 years.  To our utmost surprise the Lord connected us directly to her and we could communicate with her and immediately give her the gospel.  One of the group was in a trance and could see, hear and feel what Karen was thinking and feeling.  We prayed for her to be born again and she also spoke in tongues.

We continued to minister to her for 18 months until the Lord took her home.  She was a willing participant and the Lord used her to pray for us and for others in coma with whom she could now also communicate!  

This was a huge breakthrough in the Spirit realm because we came to know coma as a place like an island where those in coma were kept in total isolation.  They were blocked from responding to any stimuli.  Now they were at least able to talk to each other.  And to us.  Because after her death we further knew that we could communicate with anyone in coma or isolated like a kidnapped person or sex slave.

Some have come out of coma, some have escaped, some passed away but every one of them had the opportunity to meet Jesus and be born again.  Our miracle was though we spoke in English they can hear us in their own language.  A deeper version of the gift of tongues.

God had a purpose for Karen Ann's life in coma.  She was 12000 miles away in deep coma but we could talk to her easier than dialling a telephone.  She opened a door, defying death when the machines were turned off - she hated the sound and sensation of life support - and waiting for us to become Intercessors and follow orders.  Very often she seemed to be in charge!  It was the defining ministry of my life and I never cease to be grateful that it grew into what is is today.

It enables the Lord to give the most bound people on the planet a glimpse of the love God has even for them and through the witness of the Holy Spirit some are able to come out of the worst sins.

Its important to let God be God and not try to do what only He can do. Our clumsy efforts usually lead to delays in getting answers to prayer but He is kind and loving enough not to press us too hard. Don't try to be an intercessor unless God calls you and anoints you to intercede. You have to be able to withstand all sorts of misunderstandings.

People think Intercessors are strange and sometimes we appear to be but its always in obedience to the Lord and for Him to work out some tricky situation. So trust the Lord to know His children and even if they do peculiar things its for the benefit of others.

Prayer: Father God, thank You for the Holy Spirit and all the unexplainable miracles He does to perform Your will upon the Earth. We appreciate His powers and the people He raises up into anointed ministries. Increase our understanding to know Him better and show love to those who are used of Him to bless others. In Jesus' name. Amen.