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The Welsh Revivals

The WELSH REVIVALS - Millions Transformed
by PrayInTongues

Wales has had two great Revivals--1858-60, and 1904-5 --interspersed with many local revivals. 
Both began with a massive amount of in-depth prayer. 

Both Revivals saw approximately 100,000 converts out of the world--about a tenth of the population. Dr Edwin Orr, however, puts the 1904 Revival figure at approximately 225,000. A quarter of the population of Wales became truly born-again Christians. 

He arrived at this figure by estimating the number of nominal Christians who attended dead churches but became truly born-again during the Revival. Imagine a quarter of a whole country becoming genuine Christians in the space of a few months! 

The whole character of a nation was vastly changed. In some areas crime simply ceased. Judges had no cases to try. Pubs went bankrupt. Drinkers were back home with their families. Strikes were settled. Families were healed. Income was spent on food and necessities, not beer, which was what Wales was 
formerly notorious for: a nation of beer-drinkers. 

Bookshops ran out of Bibles to sell. Homes ran prayer meetings and Bible studies. If ever there was a truly Christian nation, Wales was, in 1905. On Sundays, just about everybody was in church, and uthe churches were full of life. 

How did it begin? In one word, PRAYER. Of the 1904 Revival, Jonathan Goforth in his classic "By My Spirit" wrote: 
"In the South of Wales, shortly before the great outpouring of the Spirit there in the early years of this century [1904] 300 extra prayer groups were formed. Wales, in fact, became like one great prayer meeting" ("By My Spirit," p.134.) 

If you want your country to be healed, pray that it will be turned into "one great prayer meeting." 

America, it has happened before in your nation--in 1857. Jeremiah Lanphier's tiny prayer meeting became the fuse to "The Prayer Revival" that saw a million genuinely born-again Christians added 
to the Church in America, then jumped the Atlantic to see another million added to the churches of Britain between 1857-60. 

It can happen again! God still answers prayer! 

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From Brenda...
Revivals are the result of God Almighty sending a deluge of His Holy Spirit upon people who have united in regular prayer to call upon Him, who themselves are walking in the power of the Spirit.  

Revivals also start with a revelation from the Word of God e.g. The just shall live by faith from Martin Luther which began the Reformation by Protestants, who were those who objected to the false religion of the Roman Catholic Church and its total domination as the only church.  

Then the born again movement sprang into being and went viral.  This was followed by the AnaBaptists who rejected Christening and brought about baptism in water after salvation.

Then came the revivals like these Welsh Revivals, and Asuza Street in Los Angeles, plus the revival in South Africa in the first decade of the 20th century.  This was when the Baptism of the Holy Spirit set people on a deeper path.  The South African revival brought forth the Apostolic Faith Mission and great men of God like Andrew Murray and David du Plessis.

We now await the last revival, the worldwide endtime revival, a move of the Holy Spirit to unite the Body of Christ and give it direction before Jesus returns.  This is what we should all be praying for.

The Catch the Fire meetings of Toronto Blessing origin are not this revival, although they claim to be.
The Interfaith meetings are trying to inspire unity of religions, however they are on the false idea that all paths lead to God.  They lead to one whom Jesus Christ said was the God of this world, Satan.

Jesus said in John 14 v 6: "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we pray for the true revival that will unite the Body of Christ and direct us to the first faith that inspired the Apostles of Jesus to turn this world upside down.  
We pray that all doctrines of men, false doctrines and false evangelists, pastors, teachers, prophets and apostles will be exposed and removed from this move of God until they repent.
We pray that the truth, power, and conviction of the whole gospel of Jesus will be paramount and will sweep billions of souls into Your Kingdom before the dawning of the great and mighty day of the Lord.
In Jesus' name. Amen.