Thursday, 4 July 2019

A Prophetic Word

For the Lord would say to His people today, 

Draw near to hear My words for I give you truth and not words that would cause rebellion and negativity, though there are still rebels in your midst.  

Those who follow Me should not look back to Egypt and hankering for the fleshpots of the world, but put on the robes of righteousness and seek to live lives that are pure and holy.  

Religion is made by men for men and controlled by men.  It is full of dead men's bones, old traditions and rituals that are enforced to enslave souls to a form of worship that is contrary to the freedom of love through the Holy Spirit.  

The Holy Spirit is essential to provide the correct expression of each soul to show love, praise and worship for our Father, who is a Spirit, and is in a covenant promise with you all for eternity.  He loves a spontaneous desire to please Him.  He responds wonderfully to those who fearlessly acknowledge Him even though it may result in persecution.

Our Father is the Great Protector of His people, as seen throughout the Word, says Jesus Christ.  He loves unconditionally those who are contrite and sorrow for sin and evil.  When He hears your cry and listens to your troubled heart, He is moved to meet every need.  He weighs every circumstance to find the most favourable answer for each one.  It may not always be what you expect, but over time you will notice how well things have worked out for you.

Jesus says, you may initially be upset that your answer from Heaven was different that the thing you thought most important, but always know that our Father sees far into the future and plans ahead for you to have the best outcome.  So be patient and don't reject Him, because, sadly, many do and are hurt thereby.

My beloved friends, be not deceived by anyone because many deceivers are in the world, and in the church.  Woe to the pastors who feed themselves and who steal the food of the sheep for their own gain.  The day will come, says the Lord, when I will remove those shepherds and bring the sheep into a new field with an abundance of freshness and shepherds who follow Me without compromise.

God is love and His love is given into the hearts of all believers.  You need to clear your lives of anything that blocks His love from reaching sinners who need it most.  He opened His heart for everyone who would believe in Me, and follow My ways, to receive forgiveness of every evil, every sin, they have done and to receive eternal life.  This is a covenant promise written in My Blood.

The Word of God is powerful and reaches out to the prisoners of the world, shackled by fear, doubt, unbelief and compromise.  God sent His Word to heal them and set them free.  Your part of the covenant with God is to allow His love to shine through you by your actions and words, to reach the lost, the broken, the dying people of this world and convince them of the truth.  You will have back up from Heaven to draw them to Me if we are to succeed in this outreach.

My Word to you is pure and without guile.  The days are getting fewer and many are still unaccounted for.  So, My friends, pray, praise, preach and power from on high will be upon you to demonstrate God's love in healings, miracles and deliverance.  The Holy Spirit will be poured out and there will be speaking and singing in tongues, even songs of deliverance.  There will be prophecies, visions and signs in the heavens to encourage your faith and to strengthen you.

This is My desire for you, says Jesus, in these last days before I return.  Will I find faith on Earth or will the enemy steal you all?  I am counting on you to fulfil the commission I gave My first disciples, which is now the onus upon every believer living today.  Feed My sheep and lambs, and preach the gospel to the poor.

To those who are diligently heeding My Word and reaching out in kindness, love, patience and truth, I know you and love you.  Thank You for your obedience which will see full reward in eternity.

I love you all