Monday, 11 November 2019

A Prophetic Word

This is the Word spoken by Jesus today.......

I am the beginning and the end.  I am the way, the truth and the life.  I do not change, I am the same throughout the ages.  

Today you stand at the threshold of eternity.  You have chosen Me to lead you into it for eternal rewards that you cannot even imagine because your minds are busy with the here and now.  Many wonders of this world are out of reach for many.  The wonders of what is to come are far beyond the best this world can offer.

To continue towards the prize ahead keep your focus upon Me.  Keep your attention upon Me as the enemy has but a short time left and he is unleashing all his reserves to display his control over your souls in these last days.  Follow in My footsteps to avoid his hidden snares.

Keep the faith and know that I am with you as you go through trials, pain and issues.  Turn to Me and I will help you navigate through them.  Fear not the voices nor that which may startle your eyes to distract and mislead you.  Stand against the lies and dazzle and seek the truth.

Read and study the Word of God and follow the instructions.  Let the Word build up your walls of truth, righteousness, holiness, which the enemy cannot tear down.  Follow My blueprint of salvation, baptism, the flow of the Holy Spirit to become an impregnable fortress.

Renew your minds according to My Word and overcome all the falseness of your life before you were born again.  Terminate the ways of your old nature which got buried in baptism but still tries to cling to you like a ragged garment.  If you let it stay it will distract you from continuing your journey with Me.  You will turn aside to attend to its fleshly demands and waste valuable time in unending contrary arguments.

Let your body becoming a living sacrifice.  Let Me live through your yielded self.  Let Me speak through you to those around you so that I may touch their lives significantly as I have touched yours.  All must change into My likeness.  You are My Body, every one a part that must match tissue perfect.  My Blood is upon you and My Spirit within you to effect this perfect change.

My beloved friends, I speak to you today to encourage you to be filled with love, grace, mercy and truth.  I am coming soon and before I come there will be changes to this planet that will frighten even the strong and faithful.  There will be turbulence and chaos as the enemy forces confront My people.  Stay strong and fear not for the enemy is already defeated and is relying on bluff and lies to con you into doing his bidding.

My Body will rise to meet Me in the air above Earth.  It will happen in an instant.  Always be ready for you will not know the day nor the hour.  As fast as light flees when the power goes out, so will it happen.  

I love you as individuals and collectively as members of My Body.  I need My Body to be in harmony while on Earth.  There are many divisions that need to be overcome.  I am already sorting the sheep from the goats.  The sheep will be drawn into one invisible flock to hear and obey My voice to fulfil My commission.

Our Father loves you all and it is His desire that not one soul be lost.  Already many have chosen to reject His love and cannot be saved.  Those who remain faithful, the Remnant, will be with Us for eternal and unspeakable joy.