Saturday, 7 December 2019

Forgiveness Brings Revival

-by Tony Langton. 

A few days ago a minister friend of mine traveled to Kentucky to preach in a church.  Shortly before he arrived, the pastor's wife was stricken with illness.  She requested prayer for healing, but before she was prayed for, a man in the church asked her some 
important questions.  

He asked, "When did this illness start and what was happening in your life when you got sick?"   
She answered by saying her illness started about the time a major incident occured in their church daycare, in which she was involved.  The Lord  revealed to this woman that she had critically judged some people involved in the daycare incident.  She repented of this sin and was healed, which set  the stage forwhat God was going to do next. 

Later my  minister friend showed up to teach, among other things, about the crucial need  to forgive those who had wronged them so they could be right with God.   The Lord moved there in a remarkable way as the Holy Spirit uncovered unforgiveness in the leaders and the congregation. Many church people there were convicted that God wanted to clear up all the relational "viruses" before God could descend upon them in power.  

My friend said that he personally prayed with approximately 40 people who were seeking repentance and wanting to make things right with others in a congregation of about 150 folks.  This is the beginning of a true revival. I believe there will be an increased movement of God in the future, but much of it will be preceded by a time of great adversity where everything that can be shaken  
will be shaken.  

In the middle of this crisis I believe there will be an outpouring of God's Spirit.  The Lord is giving His church the forewarning so that we can have a song of praise in our hearts beforehand and be prepared to help others. 

Are there any relationships that you need to clear up? 

~Tony Langton.