Sunday, 14 February 2021

He who has ears to hear

 Good morning Friends,

In the past hour I have received a fresh word from Jesus through the Holy Spirit, which He wants me to share with those who have an ear to hear.

After a ten day fast which ended yesterday, the knowing that it brought me closer to Jesus fills me with pure joy.  The extra blessings were significant weight loss, improved eyesight, removal of pain and weakness in my hands, smoother skin, and a kind friend saying I look ten years younger!    Thank You, Jesus!  I bless the day I found You 47 years ago.

My beloved Friends
Remember to keep a close relationship with Me.  I am always with you, always talking to you, if you don't hear Me its because you are dull of hearing and miss many answers to prayer.

I did not intend for us to have a proxy fellowship through others who spend significant time with Me, but through personal contact in praise, Bible reading, prayer and supplication.  I want you to have conversations with Me and to wait to hear My responses to your requests, but many lay it upon Me then walk away.  I cannot force you to stay, I can only tell you that those who wait to hear back from Me gain much.

Those I have anointed to share truth with you spend much time seeking My face and are rewarded with insight, wisdom and strength. I invite each one of you to renew your place in My presence and make a habit of daily fellowship that would last till I return.

I have much to share with you but I need to hold back until I see a change in the dynamics of our friendship.  This grieves My heart because the time is getting shorter and we need to prepare for what is coming.

My love for you is as strong as ever, my presence around you is continuous, my desire to respond to your cries is absolute, so it's up to you to receive it.  Trust Me to see you safely through the rough places, or over the peaks of mountains to a place of peace and calm.

Peace, love and joy are My nature which is in you, if any of these are missing from your life your renewed love for Me will restore them speedily.  I pray for your healing, deliverance, sound mind and to love one another as I love you.

Jesus Christ
Lord and Saviour