Monday, 14 June 2021

A Prophetic Word


A Prophetic Word was posted on my blog 5 years ago on 12 June 2016, which FaceBook reminded me about.  When reading it over it comforted and blessed me, and I felt led of the Lord to send it to you again.  His words are alive and true, they never grow stale.

"Last night and this morning I have been in a deep anointing with the Holy Spirit and this is what He is saying right now:

Love, mercy and peace from the Father, and Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory.  

Behold, I am with you, in your midst, enjoying fellowship with you.  Your praise and worship brings us into close harmony so that I may comfort you in the trials of faith you endure with patience and fortitude.  

Stay close to Me at all times as I will guide you in places you cannot yet see.  I know what is ahead for every one of you, and will navigate you around the bad places as much as a pilot will alter the course of his aircraft around storms for the safety of his passengers.  

I have given you insight, says the Lord, into the seasons that lie ahead.  Spring is a time of new growth, an opening of hope, the budding of joy and understanding.

Summer is the time of plentiful harvest, much fruitfulness, great rejoicing.  Autumn is a time of contemplation, of planning and receiving direction.  Winter is cold and dark with the pure beauty of snow, while underneath the planted seeds are germinating ready for Spring.  It's an eternal cycle of life.

In this cycle some dreams have to change or die.  The Spirit that comes from God is new every morning.  You need to be listening to Me, to hear the subtle alterations, the new directions, or the proper course of action.  Never neglect to do this, as I can only help you if you obey My promptings.

I am Jesus who loves you, and I have wonders in store for you all.  Those who are too busy, whose hands are full of worldly pursuits, forget to ask Me for help, and when difficulties arise, some even blame Me for neglecting them.

My message today is for all to work together with Me to touch the lives of those on the outside of our family, who are lost.  Your prayers for them bring opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move upon their hearts and to change their circumstances so that they seek My face, or cry out to God.  So when you notice they are struggling, do not rush to their aid, but encourage them to come to Me.  Be sensitive to My Spirit and ask Me first.  Your obedience will be rewarded by the joy of seeing your prayers answered.

I send My touch upon all who hear this message to know My love and to receive healing, deliverance, recovery and strength.  

Have faith in God for He is good."