Sunday, 18 July 2021

Take The Glory With You


Finally, all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another; love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous. 
1 PETER 3:8 

Behold, I have brought you out of a dark and solitary land. I have given you a drink from My own hand. We have held sweet counsel together; for I have not called you servant, but I have called you friend. 

Yes, and I delight in your companionship. For I have seen your devotion, and I have observed with pleasure your thoughtfulness to those less fortunate who have crossed your path. When you have encouraged the weary; prayed with the sick; lent help to the needy, comfort to the sorrowing, and understanding to the distressed, I count it as though you did it for Me, for I know that except for your deep love for Me, you would not make this kind of sacrifice. 

Gifts may be given, prompted by many a selfish motive; but when you give yourself, often in the face of insults, returning good for evil, and yet receive further censure, this I know you have done because and only because you love Me first, and loving Me you find no place to hate any. For if a man loves God, truly he will also love his brother. And he will yet go beyond this, for he will show kindness and feel concern for the needs of even his enemies and be moved with compassion to minister aid. 

Did I not say that we must go into the valley together? I have given you the enjoyment of My fellowship on the mountaintop to prepare you for the ministry in the valley of service. Take the glory of the mountaintop with you; take My presence, My light, My love. This is not the valley of personal darkness—this is the valley where you will find those who need the touch of blessing you can bring. And I am with you, yes, more so than in any other kind of valley; for in this we are one in a very special way. 

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost; to seek the lost, to lift the fallen, and to heal the bruised. As you minister together with Me to those in need, you fill up that which is left of the sufferings of Christ (see Colossians 1:24). My physical sufferings—the broken body, the shed blood, My death—these were completed at the cross.

So as you “pour out your soul,” you share with Me in My travail until the completion of the purchased possession; until you all come through the power of the Spirit into the full stature of the Body of Christ, growing up together in Him, each part developing through the nourishment each joint supplies. By mutual nurture and encouragement you stimulate growth in each other. Only as you yield individually can the work be accomplished. 

One member in rebellion or hostility slows the growth and injures the health of those about him. So yield yourself to the moving of the Spirit in your heart, and minister as I arrange your contacts, without looking around to make your own choices. Leave the planning to the Head. This is My work. Let each abide in his place, yielding completely to My Spirit, nourished by My love, and ministering in self-sacrifice.

An excerpt from Come Away My Beloved 
By Frances J. Roberts