Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Early Morning Prophecy

 I greet you all this morning as I have things to say that need to be understood.

I am the Shepherd and you are My flock - all who follow Me.  There are only two laws to obey.  The first is to love the Almighty God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  The other is to love one another as I love you.

If you cannot love your brother in My Body unconditionally, then your love for God is lacking.  He weighs your treatment of the least of these as the measure of your love for Him and Me.  The more you love and bless God's family, the more you love and bless Him.

His thoughts and ways are higher than yours.  He loves every sinner no matter how evil.  Love is not affection and romance.  Love is revealing truth in its starkest form, without adorning it with flowery words.  Never embellish or exaggerate God's absolute truth as that will taint it with deceit and lies, which He hates.

Our enemy is the Father of Lies and keeps you on a leash of lies, half-truths, fantasies and stories.  So hear Me well, cut out all of these things as they make your love for God and people of no effect.  

When you show love let it be selfless.  Esteem the person in need higher than yourself or loved ones in your family.  Put that need above your own and give without fear of your loss.  I see it all and I will repay, says the Lord Jesus Christ.

I become indebted to your kindness and your giving and your love offerings.  I will find ways to reimburse you and even more because I love you too.  But when you cheat, lie or withhold My blessings, My hands are tied by disobedience.  

There is nothing I would not do for My brethren, you, because I laid down My life for you and you are alive today because of this.  My love was poured out on the Cross to uplift you and cause you to walk in My ways.  But some of you are stumbling in semi darkness because you do not read My Holy Book which is a lamp to your feet.

You stumble because of errors of judgment.  You scoff at others who have less than you.  Less abilities, less finance, lesser motor cars, lesser business opportunities, less contacts on their cell phones.  You appear superior to them but you are often wrong.  They are the people I use the most because they are humble and very thankful for being found worthy to be blessed by Me.

I am saying all this today because a storm of hard times will soon hit this Earth.  Governments are reeling because their coffers are nearly empty.  The more they print the lesser its value.  The day is coming that I spoke of 2000 years ago, the wages of one day will only buy a loaf of bread.

What of those who are unable to work?  Famine and starvation await them.  While it is yet light put your trust in Me, help them now, cast your bread upon the waters, for when the darkness comes that bread will be multiplied back to you.  As I fed the Israelites in the Wilderness for forty years, I can do the same for you, if you follow My ways now.

As you read these words experience the urgency that is in My heart for all of you.  You are vaguely aware of the end times and what it may be like.  The sudden war in Ukraine is part of it.  Millions fleeing, thousands dead, lack of food, water, medicines, bandages, hospitals and zero safety.  Look and learn.

In the days ahead there will be no escape, no safe places, danger in every nation.  I am showing you this now so you can be prepared.  The Antichrist must come, must fully manifest his absolute evil on this planet.  I cannot prevent it but I can remove those who are washed in My Blood, who love one another.  And I will, I have foretold it and I confirm it.

Your love for others will increase the numbers who will be saved from Hell on Earth.  Your love will open your mouth to tell them about Me and My provision for My people.  If you deny Me you will be denied when you most need Me.  This is truly not the time to sit back and let others do it.  It needs everyone to heed My call to use every means possible to save the lost.

I love you all

Jesus Christ
Saviour and Lord