Monday, 11 July 2022

A Word From Jesus


My precious people I want you to listen to Me. You talk to Me earnestly but seldom take time to hear My response.  I love you but there is so much more I want you to know.

You are unique and I have a far reaching plan for your life, but I need your co-operation and involvement to make it work. Your life is so busy and full of activity causing you to never stay still long enough to hear how I can help you to ease your stress or solve your problems.

I am the Prince of Peace and I transmit peace constantly but it is left on hold while you air your rights and grievances. If you would just allow My peace to rise up in you, your life would be stress free.

I dwell in the praises of My people and when you are truly praising and acknowledging things I have done for you it brings the presence of God close which causes the enemy and all his evil schemes to flee away.

I long for fellowship with you.  Simple and direct talks in which we share our hearts with each other. I have much to say to you, and when you turn off the distractions of telephones, tv, laptops and business plans, which jam your heart, you will hear Me more clearly.  I am the still, small voice that requires silence to properly discern My words.

I am your King, your Intercessor with The Father, and your personal friend. Let me more deeply into your life to show you how much I care about you. There is no place so low that you can fall to that can surprise or shock me. I have been there too. I was sent to experience life in the flesh as a Man so that I could understand everything you are going through to help you through that struggle or grief.

I even experienced death to conquer it in its most severe form. Permanent separation from our Father. There is no pain or feeling or emotion worse than being cut off from Him. It means no light, no peace, no freedom, no hope, no joy, no strength, in a dark and isolated state for all eternity.  I felt it while bearing the sins of the world while I was dying.  I cried out, My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?

You do not know how fearful and horrible that place called Hell really is and I never want you to find out. I made a way out for you but its up to you to choose the path that leads to life. Its not always the easiest path to find as the enemy has made a broad and attractive way to lure you with bright lights and empty promises.

When you set your foot on My pathway to life, never look back but press onwards to the mark of the high calling I have prepared for you. I am waiting for you there.  Together we can walk and talk and have sweet fellowship as I share with you what still needs to be overcome in your life.

The world lies in a death of slumber of spirit, drunk on the opiate of sin and sorrow.  They wander blindly through the darkness and the only light they ever see comes from Me shining through anyone who cares for their eternal souls.  I died for them all and gave those who believe in Me the task of not leaving the fallen behind.

I need everyone who loves Me to take up the Cross and follow Me.  Put My needs before your own and start to shine because the night approaches when no-one can work.  You cannot compromise with the world as they are under control of a false god who would lead you astray and far from My help.

I will be with you as you listen and do the work I have given you to do.  Let us together fill Heaven with those who are yet to hear the truth about Me.

I love you with an everlasting love,

Scriptures: John 3; John 10; Matthew 7 and Psalm 23