Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Follow in My Footsteps

 Beloved Friends,

How good it is to share My love with you when you face many issues and problems from the world around you.  The world is running on empty and cannot sustain itself.  My Kingdom on Earth is your safe haven. 

My love is twisted in the world.  It becomes lust and fantasy, lies and broken dreams.  Some last longer than others but the end result is still emptiness and failure.

In My Kingdom here on Earth, the Holy Spirit flows continuously in and around you, surrounding you with peace, hope, joy and love.  The closer you follow in My footsteps, the more you will receive to comfort your hearts.  When you trust and rely on the solutions the world offers, the longer things take to achieve.

I came to Earth on a mission to save every soul two thousand years ago.  Part of My journey through the world was to understand how you feel when things go awry.  How do you think, react, plan, assess, implement and resolve problems.

I needed to know so I could inform our Father on how best to help each one who asked.  He had already sent a Flood to remove most of the humans because their sinful state was incurable.  He always intended to send Me at the right time.

Follow My footsteps as written in My Word.  They are new every morning and as you seek, pray, knock on My door, I will open the way before you.  There are so many subliminal hazards, things which most people cannot see or perceive, that they fall into and struggle to regain their feet.  Let Me be your eyes into the hidden dangers.

Learn to know My prompts and signals, as a hunter would follow a tracker into unknown territory.  You will recognise My vocal warning followed by a way of escape.  Many are so hasty that they dismiss My signals and rush headlong into troubled waters.

So learn patience and obedience to My voice.  Many say they don't hear My voice, its because their ears are dull of hearing from too much worldly input.  So drown out the world and its jamming devices to prevent you hearing Me.  Turn everything off, be still, and know that I am God.

Learn in the silence to hear the still, small voice whispering gently into your spiritual ear.  Our enemy cannot hear it or he would try to wreck what you need to do.  Those who are closest to Me have greatly profited by their commitment and submission.  Observe their ways, which are My ways, and you will be safe.

My followers are peculiar people.  You are a new creation because each one of you was marred by the devices of the enemy of every soul when he had you in his power, before you were in your mother's womb.  Each soul must be individually ministered to, to restore you to what our Father planned for your life.

A new creation is produced by being born again.  I said it firmly to Israel, and I am saying it to you now.  Without this step of salvation you remain dead in your sins.  If you are still hesitating or weighing it in your mind, hear Me, do it now!  Those who stumble at this point are forever lost.

Be baptized immediately.  Infant baptism has never been on the agenda.  It's a real barrier to the real event, which is vital to become a new creation.  This is because under the water you are following Me to death, you rise out of the water in My resurrection power.  

The Holy Spirit is My representative on Earth.  No human, or even new creation, can do all that He does.  Satan is constantly attempting to destroy this planet through storms, sickness, eruptions, earthquakes, famine, war, slavery, religion and fake news.  The Holy Spirit prevents most of the worst of it.  He is omnipresent in the Earth to preserve you and bring you safely home.

Try the spirits for not all are from the Kingdom of Heaven.  Myriads of demons encompass this planet to distract, deceive and destroy your relationship with Me.  Satan knows how valuable you are because I died for you.  Check out anything that seems odd with the truth in My Word and refuse that which leads you away from My presence.

Remember that I am with you always and nothing can affect you unless I sanction it.  I have to break the marred vessel to restore it to the Creators original plan.  There is no other way to achieve perfection than being broken and restored.  So don't be angry with Me when this breaking happens, rather rejoice that better things lie ahead.

My peace and love I give to you now. 

I love you,