Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Girdle of Truth.

Scripture: Ephesians 6 v 14; John 1 v 17; Romans 9 v 1; Revelations 21 v 27.

We believe in the Gospel of Truth. The Holy Bible is truth from Genesis to Revelations. We need the Bible which can also be called the Manufacturer's Handbook, to establish truth. Revelations 21 v 27 says that all liars shall go into the lake of fire (Hell) for eternity.  Therefore we need the Girdle of Truth as part of God's Armour. We need to train our brain and tongue to overcome those easy white lies that get us out of trouble. We need to speak the truth in all circumstances. Jesus chose death on the Cross rather than lie to His accusers.
Jesus cannot and will not back up any lies we tell. Jesus says the truth will set us free but lies will bind us. He calls satan the father of lies and it was in his evil realm that we were taught to speak and believe lies. He told us that God was dead and that we need to have ruthless ambition to succeed in this world. He told us it was admirable to lie and cheat as the end justified the means.
Sometimes we struggle to convey the truth of salvation because those receiving our words are blocked because they believe lies and those lies are their "truth". They think we are lying or making things up. Pray before you share that all their lies and arguments will be bound so your words will be heard.
Prayer: Heavenly Father help us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who don't recognise truth. We put on the girdle of truth to protect ourselves against lies. In Jesus' name. Amen.