Friday, 22 February 2013

Who IS Jesus Christ?

Scripture: John 1 v 1 - 5; John 3v16

He is known as the Word made flesh. The Word of God, the Holy Bible, turned into a physical form. The Word or The Bible is alive and penetrates to the deepest part of our being. Those who are atheists or pagans burn the Bible because they are afraid of it. They blaspheme the Word calling it and Him contradictory.
All things were made by Jesus, the Son of God. Everything. Stars, Moon, planets, animals, birds, fish, people, trees, grass, sea, land, air. The "theory" of evolution has never been proved. The more they examine the Earth the more it agrees with the truth of Creation.
Jesus is life. Every living thing receives life from Him. Death could not hold Him. He was crucified because He laid down His life - He permitted Himself to die but He rose from the dead and is alive forever more.
Jesus is the light who shone into our sinful darkness and gave us the light that saved us from Hell.  
He was sent by God who saw our captivity and who loved us so much that whosoever, ie anybody, who believes Jesus is God will be saved.
There is power in His name. Demons are defeated by the name of Jesus. Diseases are healed in the name of Jesus. There is victory over ever circumstance in His holy name.
Prayer: Father God never have I heard a name that thrills my soul like the name of Jesus.  We are part of Him and He lives in our hearts. Let us call upon Him now to break bad habits in our lives. In Jesus' name.