Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fear hath Torment

Scriptures: Isaiah 14 v 1-17;  1 John 4 v 18. 

(Read previous studies and Jesus' Bride.)
 Every fragment of the Bride, and every fragment of the Son of God, now all jumbled together were being subjected to the torments of a mad, sadistic, dictator. He enjoyed having them at his mercy, shattered, weak souls that he could play his cruel mind games on.

For starters the souls now had a life of their own. They had all once been a single living spirit, God's Son, from whom the spirit that became His Bride was taken. That spirit had died because of SIN. First hers when he, the Satan, had seduced her minutes before her betrothed, God's only Son, had come to claim her for His marriage. The Bridegroom had taken on her sin so that she could be declared sinless and brought back to life. He came into Satan's realm as to exchange Himself for her. Satan was supposed to send the fragments back to God but he had refused.

The Bridegroom bearing her sin was now hardened and shattered in that evil place. God had commanded all the fragments to be collected of both Bride and Groom. Satan had jumbled them all together and put many terrible divisions into them to prevent God ever reassembling them back into who they once were.

Now he took a huge bunch of fragments from those marked female. He added some of the hybrid she-males to them and put them in a room in which there where gigantic spiders. He threw terror into the little souls by the spider's aggression so that they screamed and ran away trying to hide from the monsters. After a while he could make the monster spiders tiny but the effect would be just the same.

He took other bunches of fragmented souls and put them in fugue states showing them horrific scenes of murder most foul and made them feel cold and indifferent towards it. He labelled these as psychopaths.

Another group were put through such endless hopeless anguish that they preferred death over life. When that decision to end it all was made they felt calm and rational again. Other souls closely linked to these would bear the pain and anguish indefinitely.

Satan added diseases to the mix. Anything he could think of that would forever make these souls hate God and label Him cruel and heartless while he, the author of pain and confusion, remained out of sight. He sent his demons in to scatter plagues, epidemics, pandemics and the like throughout the fragmented souls. How he would enjoy killing them all.

He set up the false gods and idols and made them fanatical and hostile. Fanatical to worship an idol, hostile to any dissenters to the point of persecution and murder. He set one group against another in holy wars to kill, mutilate and torture each other en mass.

He set up tragic scenes of heartbreaking intensity as groups or twosomes becoming dependent on one another and supportive got cruelly ripped apart. He called it Divorce. Blame God for it all was brainwashed into them.

Over the next 5 Days in satan's realm horror upon horror, fear upon fear, was heaped upon them. This was hell in its rawest state. Souls were programmed to turn to weird substances to help them, which made them so much worse. They were called addicts. They were vulnerable and had the added misery of condemnation which led to trying to justify, cover up or lie to escape. Suicide was a welcome choice.

Sexual deviations were worked into another very large group. All the abominations God would hate were made available to the souls in bondage. They could choose their preference and experience the most fantastic first thrill. They would spend eternity trying to recapture that first mindblowing rush and never find it. The bondage was programmed in, never stop trying to recapture that first feeling. Never give up being a soul with a stigma that would bring fear to others. Suicides, diseases, misery and shame were added to the mix.

There were also many souls that no amount of coercion would turn away from God.   The only way to deal with them was to make all the other fragmented souls hate, torment, disbelieve and persecute them.

Satan had to make souls who could tend to the souls in need. Doctors, nurses, specialists were given their calling. Good, bad and ugly ones. He created scientists to prove God wrong. He twisted the little souls into every conceivable form of resistance to withstand the love, power and truth of Almighty God.

At the end of it all he sent the twisted souls back to God. If He could do anything with that mess it would be a wonder to behold.

(To be continued.)

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank You for those who have been blessed by this Vision. I hope everyone has been given an understanding of it. How Your heart must have been broken to see Your Son and His Bride smashed to smithereens and tortured.  Jesus did that for His Bride to be spared and it was part of Your divine plan to restore all things according to Your creation and Your will for us. We love and adore You, Father, and worship You in Spirit and in Truth. In Jesus' name. Amen.