Friday, 29 March 2013

Jesus' Bride - Vision 7

Scripture: Rev 21 v 9-12 ; Micah 5 v 2; Zechariah 3 v 1-3 (Joshua is the Hebrew form of Jesus); Mark 1 v 1.

(Prayer - Daniel 12v4; 2 Corinthians 12v4; Revelations 10v4.) The Vision continues to unfold. It started with Whom God Foreknew.

The Bride is very flattered by the attentions of the mighty Lucifer in the Garden of Heaven. She felt quite funny inside when he looked deeply into her eyes. The Father had sent His concerns but she had this situation under control. A harmless flirtation never hurt anyone.

The Wedding Day dawned. HE was back and all was ready. His small party of 12 friends was gathered and the meal in progress. SHE was dressed and ready with lamp shining in the cottage window. Lucifer whispered to the Bridegroom that there was a quick errand to run and left hurriedly with Jesus' words ringing in his ears, "Hurry back!"

Lucifer arrived at the cottage and forced his way in. The Bride was not expecting Lucifer but within moments he had seduced her and the blood of her virginity left a stain on the floor. The next moment the Bridegroom arrived to claim His Bride and saw the horrible sight of His sullied Bride weeping on the floor.  Her blood-flecked garments were torn and her attitude at first fearful, became defiant.

"You were away so long! You never gave me a thought! I need my space!" were flung at the devastated Son of God. He heard Lucifer accuse her of flirting and enticing him then saw him slide out of the side door. Within moments war broke out in Heaven. Michael and his angels fought against Lucifer and his. A small group of Lucifer's angels kidnapped the Bride and they all fell from Heaven in a flash of light.  

As they flew off the edge of Heaven the Father declared Lucifer is no more.  He is now known as Satan the Accuser. The Bridegroom wept against the only wall of the Bridal mansion still standing. The rest of it lay in ruins just like His marriage.  The shock was profound but a plan must made immediately to rescue the Bride as soon as possible. The bloodstain of the original sin must be covered.

The Father convened the council and a plan made. Whatever the demand for her it would be met. They summoned Satan to return and attend the council.  They asked about the condition of the Bride, and what his demands were.

Satan wanted to reign over God and Heaven and have all the power and wisdom God had. Then all will be subject to his will. The supreme dictator. God the Father again asked about her condition.

The fallen bride felt bruised and battered all over. She had displeased Satan by screaming at him to let her go. He had thrown her to his evil angels to rape and torment her. Her spirit got harder and harder until it became like glass. It shattered into millions of pieces. The sound of it reached God's ears. He said in a voice that reached the domain of Satan, "Let all the fragments be collected. Let not one be lost." They filled 12 baskets with the fragments of the Bride.

The Bride was dead. But He was God and He would bring her back to life. Satan now demanded that he wanted the Son of God in exchange for the Bride. The millions of broken pieces of useless nothing.

God asked His Son if He was willing to take on her sin of rebellion and disobedience on His own life, and God would pardon her. She would be forgiven and made whole and alive again. Even her virginity would be restored and all memory of this terrible tragedy erased from everyone's minds.

So the Son was named Jesus and clothed in the filthy garments discarded by the Bride. (Zechariah 3). He was declared guilty of her sin as He became The Intercessor ie One who takes the place of another. As He was thrown from Heaven a terrible cry came from His heavy heart. "My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?"

As He fell into Satan's realm His Spirit became hard like hers had. When He landed His Spirit shattered into billions of pieces. The voice of God echoed through that evil realm once again saying Let not the fragments be lost. Gather all of them. Seven baskets of fragments were collected. 

Satan had not kept his side of the bargain to send the fragments of the Bride back to God in exchange for His Son. He had them both now and he still had plans to ensure the pieces could never be put back together. 

The pieces of the Bride had filled 12 baskets and the broken pieces of Jesus had filled 7 bigger baskets. He would mix them all together into one big container and damage them all. He would make it impossible for God to sort or fix or repair them. He would do it just to spite Him and use it to take full control and be god.

Satan got a huge container and poured all the containers of fragments into it. He called the fragments "souls". He firstly divided them in half and gave them different sexes. Those on the left are male and those on the right are female. He subjected them to various torments and put division, hatred, fear, lust, bitterness and infidelity into them. He took some of them and swapped their souls around to make girly boys and masculine women. He gave them choices like utterly reject God and you will have the ultimate relationships men on men and women on women. The battle of the sexes had begun. There was a lot he did not mention about the demons called stigma, abomination, rape and abuse that were attached to them.

Next the mad devil made some black, some white, some yellow, some brown, some red souls. He made them different in their features too. He sowed distrust, enemity, hatred, war between the different coloured souls.

He made them into different religious groups and subdivided them into fanatical, radical, moderate, indifferent souls. With the corresponding demons added to create serious differences, arguments, hatred, fear, different gods vying for supremacy confusion and war. All identical souls being warped into beings that were brainwashed into religious bondage.

When God got these back He would never be able to unite them into the bodies of who they were before. Just to be sure he covered each fragment with a force field called "I". He informed each one that they were unique, independent souls who should stand alone. Every individual part was originally identical being all part of one spirit taken from within the Son of God Himself. Now they were all different and had an identity crisis.

This was the first Day in the Six Day Realm. (To be continued.)

Prayer: Heavenly Father guide me by the Holy Spirit as I write these visions for the very first time. They have been in my heart for over 30 years waiting for this day. Daniel, Paul and John were shown this and told to seal it until the last days. This is what the seven thunders uttered and I trust You that it has been correctly told. Let those who read understand it all. In Jesus' name. Amen.