Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Greater Works

Scripture: John 14 v 12 - 14; Acts 1 v 8; James 2 v 17; 20 and 26.   


Whenever a scripture quotes the actual words of Jesus and it starts with 'verily, verily...' Or 'truly,truly.....' take a very serious look at it. Jesus is emphasing something powerful and true. In this case He is saying that those who believe in Him ie that He is the Son of God will do everything that He has done - heal the sick, cast out demons, walk on water, change water into wine, do many miracles, have great authority, raise the dead, calm storms, curse the fig tree.

Jesus is saying that through the baptism of the Holy Spirit we will receive power to be a witness to Him. The best witness is to be able to do what He did. Sceptics can change into believers when the power of God is demonstrated.  The Lord creates a need in them and then puts a true believer next to them and a miracle happens.

But Jesus did not stop at us just doing the same things He did. He said we would do greater things. And I have seen and been involved in some of those things. Beyond human understanding. Only the full power of the Holy Spirit flowing through a yielded vessel can achieve these things.

One that springs to mind was the big 8.8 earthquake in Chile a month after the devastating 7.2 Haiti quake. The day before the Chile quake I awoke very early in the morning. There was a very strong anointing over my whole body. Like a massive power surge of electricity all over you. At the same time I had a very strong fragrance of the Rose of Sharon around me.  That fragrance tells you that Jesus is very present with you.  I have experienced this many times but the intensity lasted until 10.00pm. That was unique.

I was not given anything to pray about but I had a vision of the whole Earth and saw myself pressed into the Pacific Ocean with my left hand gripping the top of Russia and my right hand the top of Alaska. My feet were resting on Antarctica.  

When I woke the next morning it had lifted. I was led to put on the TV to CNN channel. There was a breaking news story of a massive earthquake measuring 8.8 over Southern Chile. I immediately felt that strong anointing and smelled the roses. This lasted about 10 minutes.

There was real fear in the man with the pie charts trying to imagine how big the tsunami was going to be and the huge death toll. Nobody could see anything over that area as it was still dark plus all the power was out. They were fearing the worst. Emergency vehicles could not reach them as bridges were down. It would be four hours before it was light enough to assess the situation.

Experts were called into the studio solemnly explaining that this earthquake was 1000 times stronger than the Haiti quake that took 230,000 lives and people should prepare for severe news. Plus there must be a tsunami to equal the Indonesian Boxing Day disaster. And it was heading for every country that was part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. More pie charts. I had a very peaceful feeling over me.

I watched at midnight when the tsunami was due to arrive in Hawaii. It did. There were two waves about a foot high that raced in and faded. In Chile there was a lot of damage to property and infrastructure but less than 1000 deaths, and to many countries there were no destructive tsunamis. Jesus had used my body to soak up that force that Satan had wanted to unleash on Chile so soon after Haiti. But God had mercy. I can take no credit but Jesus gets the glory.

The Haitians know why their island got judged. They had made a pact with satan 200 years before and he was just collecting his dues. He thought he could strike again to bring fear and many who would blame God but our God had abundant mercy. 

I ask why I am used in these ways. The Lord said it is because I am always available, prayed up, submitted and have strong faith. I know He wants others to be part of the miracles and greater works. It really depends on you. Do you want everything God has to give you?

As James says faith without works is dead. If you never see a miracle or somebody healed by Jesus you never know His ability. Your faith does not grow if you never see your prayers answered, or the enemy try to withstand your faith. But when you see these things happen your faith grows big muscles like Arnie. The enemy fears those muscles and chooses those who are weak.

 When Jesus needs strong work done He looks for those with faith muscles and who won't crack under pressure.  He needs those who are obedient and who tremble at His Word.

When you become involved with God in His works and see deeply into His ways your life changes so much. Doing His will is a delight. Being available is a joy. Missing worldly pleasures is nothing. Having Jesus say "Well done" means everything to you.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father my heart is full of praise and thankfulness for the love You have shown me. Not everyone loves me Father, but as long as You and Jesus love me I will thrive. You have given me wonderful brothers and sisters filled with kindness and care. Pour out Your love and blessing on these faithful friends. In Jesus' name. Amen.