Thursday, 14 March 2013

In the Very Beginning - Vision 6

Scripture: Revelation 21 v 9; John 3 v 27-29; Matthew 19 v 14; Isaiah 11 v 6; Matthew 18 v 5; Mark 10 v 15.

It took 5 years for the Lord to reveal all this revelation to me. I had no-one to ask or even pray with except my two sons who were Sean 10 and Steve 5 years old. However they both had powerful anointed prophetic ministries and it was greatly needed and appreciated.

Steve was able to see and hear into the spirit realm with perfect clarity and was particularly good at being one jump ahead of the enemy. I was frequently given the verse 2 Kings 6 v 12 concerning Elisha being able to tell the king of Israel, who was at war with Syria, the words spoken in the Syrian king's closet. Steve could tell me conversations demons were having with each other. He saw and heard Jesus, angels and demons as clearly as he saw people.

Sean saw many visions and was very strong in giving accurate scriptures for people which continues to this day. He was given a powerful vision of the whole Bible like a video running through his mind, which he could stop, start, replay. He could hear the Word spoken by God or prophets with the tone and inflection used at the time of speaking. 

I learnt more about Jesus and the Bible from God's two little prophets than from any preacher. Jesus used the three of us in many spiritual adventures on a daily basis. The things that happened in Spirit back then I have seen unfolding in the media up to the present day.

For example when Steve was 7 years old (1983)he said he had a verse for me. It was Jeremiah 33 v 3. We call it God's phone number: "Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things that thou knowest not." So we called on God to show us. He gave Steve a vision of a squashed red cherry in a circle. We had to pray for the cherry to be made whole. It was. I asked him if he knew what it was. Something about genes he said. Nothing further.

About 10 years ago I was watching an episode of Medical Detectives when I felt the full power of the Holy Spirit come on me. I was about to turn the TV off when I was told to Watch. The case being investigated was serial rapes and murder of 5 women in a US city who detectives thought were committed by one man between 1979 and 1985, but they could not prove it. They had samples of skin, hair, semen from each scene but no way to tell how they could use them. They heard of a man in England doing some genetic work and decided to send the samples to him in the hope that he could help solve these cases of murder. The English scientist applied his mind and discovered DNA in 1988. He was able to prove that in each case of rape/murder the perpetrator was the same man. A new great and mighty weapon against criminals had been found.

While watching this program the Lord told me that our little prayer in 1983 had opened the door to DNA discovery. God is truly wonderful.

Before dawn one morning I woke up feeling like I was in the middle of an earthquake. I was wondering if I had been dreaming when Sean shook my shoulder. He was standing by the bed. He said Mom I have a verse of scripture for you. It was Revelation 16 v 18. There was a great earthquake! He told me he was seeing a vision of the top of Africa - a black line running across it. He said if we pray we can stop it. So we did pray and he saw that line disappear. The earthquake never happened. Praise God for His mercy.

I share this ministry background to give you a glimpse into how my life in the Spirit is conducted. Over these 30 years this is how the Lord has moved upon us.  Those who know the miracles of the Karen Ann story, this began during these early days and was constantly on the Lord's agenda. In those first years the average daily time I spent in ministry was about 10 hours. Of this the boys would spend about 4 hours daily for about 7 years.

There are others who minister with me now. The faithful Andy does excellent ministry for the Lord. We spend many hours daily in prayer and conversation with Jesus. It is a way of life so fulfilling and exciting that nothing on this Earth could replace.

In those early days the Vision of the Six Day Realm was being downloaded into my heart and mind. My sons greatly helped to confirm all that was being shown. When the last part of the puzzle was put in place it was 1984. I was taken to Heaven in Spirit and saw such harmony and beauty there. I saw a Throne made for two. I heard the Father say to His Son that He must seek a bride to sit upon the Throne with Him. He must choose out of all the angels one that would please Him. It took a long time for the Son of God to do this but eventually He said they are all beautiful but none is the right one.

Out of His Son's side the Father pulled a translucent substance from which He formed a beautiful woman. This was the one He said. This is my Bride.

Then I saw much activity in Heaven - wedding garments being made; wedding preparations on one side and a general buzz of excitement. Jesus the Bridegroom had gone to build a mansion for His Bride.

The only unhappy face was Lucifer, one of the three Archangels. The other two are Michael and Gabriel. He was very angry that he was not chosen to share the Throne. As the most beautiful and anointed cherub he felt that he could adequately co-rule. The brightness of his face began to dim. One third of the angels were under his authority. They began to bicker and quarrel. As he grew darker so did they.

The Bride was secretly housed in a beautiful cottage with an enclosed garden filled with flowers of every hue. She waited for her Bridegroom to return so the betrothal could be affirmed by a marriage covenant. Her garments were nearly ready for her exciting big day. First the Bridegroom would have a dinner party with His closest friends and she must be clothed in her wedding garments with her lamp lit in the window for His sudden and unannounced arrival. He would take her to His Father's house where the marriage would be consummated. The wedding feast would continue for six days.

While she was mulling this over sitting on a bench in her garden, Lucifer arrived unexpectedly wearing his finest clothes and sparkling with jewels of every kind. How entertaining to have such fascinating company she thought. His voice was very melodious and compelling to listen to. Even so she felt a little shiver go through her. She was not sure if it was pleasure or fear.

To be continued.

Prayer: Heavenly Father I remember those days in great detail especially when the vision was turned into reality. I pray for all who read to be touched by the Holy Spirit to have a memory of it as they were part of it too. Thank You especially for my two sons who continue to be a joy and a delight to me. Uplift them all dear Father. In Jesus' name. Amen.