Thursday, 28 March 2013

The New World Order with pics of Masonic Washington

Scripture: 2 Thessalonians 2; Revelatians 13;  2 Peter 2; 2 Peter 3.


Many will have heard the word Illuminati and all the conspiracy theories that abound concerning its activities. The original Illuminati was started by the Black Pope of the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) who was the author of the Spanish Inquisition which martyred 68 million Christians. The Black Pope was so named as he had vast powers and was used as the Secret Service of  The Roman Catholic Church. In Revelations 13 v 1-2 the beast with 7 heads - Rome stands on 7 hills. The 10 horns are ten nations that will be those left in the EU.

The Illuminati was revived in the mid-18th century by an Austrian, Adam Weisshaupt, and established in America on 1st May 1776. The observance of 1 May as a holiday in most parts of the world shows the number of nations that have thrown in their lot with the Illuminati. 

The Illuminati meet in the Grand Lodges of Freemasons. Freemasons who have reached the 33rd Degree become part of the Illuminati. So there is a strong link between the two. This new wave of the Illuminati are sworn satanists who made a pact with Satan that in exchange for huge wealth they would stamp out Christianity and the name of Jesus Christ from this planet by the year 2000. They never will achieve that but Jesus did ask, When I return will I find faith on Earth?

They used their combined fantastic wealth to buy the influence of music, Hollywood, Governments etc. And they used this power to condition the minds of the whole world against Jesus and Christianity, very subtly at first, totally blatantly nowadays.  The city of Washington DC is mapped out by Freemasons with strategic buildings and memorials built across the city to conform to Masonic symbols. Every US President has been a Freemason, from George Washington onwards.  George W. Bush started talking about a New World Order. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar - those who are chosen for their aptitude to bring about the New World Order. Don't even bother with an election next time round. Mrs Clinton is in and Billary will be running the world. Freemasons loyalty is to their Masonic Order first, job, wife and country after.

What is the New World Order? Simply this. A One World Government - a very advanced United Nations with one leader who will be the Antichrist. A One World Religion made up of all faiths headed by the Pope. It is interesting that Pope Benedict stepped down for the first Jesuit Pope Francis. The moment I heard he was a Jesuit I realised Benedict had been forced to go and a very hard core Jesuit had replaced him. The black and white  smoke at th Vatican  was really smoke and mirrors, all for show. Two days after he was sworn in I heard Barack Obama give the most Antichrist-type speech in Jerusalem. The Antichrist era will start with a man speaking Peace, Peace to Israel but with a hidden agenda behind it. Obama did just that. If I had $1 for each time he said the word "peace" I would have had a shopping spree. Of course it meant accepting the Palestinian Agenda even if they still want to annihilate Israel!  The Plan of Satan took a big leap forward last week. (Week ending March 23, 2013.) The third main objective of the New World Order is a cashless society. A whole new financial system where there is no visible currency. In this same week we saw the curtain raiser in Cyprus. Shut down the banks and they take what they need of people's money to save the bankrupt country.

If this had happened as an isolated incident it would have raised my eyebrows. But together with new Pope and Barack in Jerusalem plus the BRIC Conference in Durban where every second sentence was New World Order, the on-going Cyprus shenanigans is ringing serious alarm bells.

This is orchestrated by the Illuminati and there is no solution to the banking crisis. In the UK yesterday (27 March) banks were ordered to find a reserve of £25 billion asap. The reason is they cannot stop the financial slide, no one can. Panic is starting to take over in Britain but they are dancing with the Devil and he is a hard taskmaster. 

The World System is collapsing. Democracy is failing. People are angry, frantic, frightened that their futures are looking ever bleaker. Lawlessness is increasing everywhere. Not a day goes by but an earthquake, tornado, superstorm, or unseasonal snow snarls up people's lives.

The New World Order has swung into action. It will not last long because JESUS CHRIST IS COMING!!

If you are a believer in Jesus none of the above will affect you. Jesus will take care of you as He promised. If you have read this story and laughed it off as mad ramblings - put it on ice for a while and revisit it next year. It will be a whole lot closer by then and you may still have time to pledge allegiance to the Lamb of God.

I am nearly ready to complete The Vision of Heaven, which started with "Whom God Foreknew", "The Ransom","The Prince of this World", "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" and "In the Very Beginning". All the Bible studies from then till now have just laid down a perspective for the final showdown.

If the time of Man on Earth for the past 6000 years could be equated with a soccer match, we are now in the closing minute of injury time. When that final whistle blows will YOU be on the winning team?

Prayer: Heavenly Father strengthen me for writing of these matters drains me. Bring hope of a blessed ending of this world disorder by the coming of Jesus. Father draw in the lost to Your Kingdom and open their eyes to the truth. In Jesus' name. Amen.