Friday, 8 March 2013

What God Loves

Scripture:  John 3 v 16; John 15 v 9; Psalm 133; Isaiah 61 v 8-11.


John declared the words of Jesus "As the Father has loved me, so do I love you; continue in my love". So firstly we know that God is love and He loves Jesus and Jesus gives that same love to us. So we have the Father's love plus Jesus' love on full strength. That is a mighty love indeed.

John also said that God so loved the world - that is He loved His created people who were twisted out of shape by satan before the foundation of the Earth and through the power of sin, slain in spirit and dead. So God sent His only begotten Son on a death mission. He was sent to earth to declare who God was and show what the Kingdom was about. He did miracles, healings and deliverance from demons, to show His authority over all that.

God said whosoever believed in Jesus would not die but have everlasting life. When Jesus died on the Cross He drew our dead spirits into Himself. He took on our sins, sicknesses, infirmities, demons, nightmares, tragedies - every hurt and cause of death and it was all crucified with Him. He cried out IT IS FINISHED and died.

From that moment the whole world became a debtor to one Man. He became a man to die as a man to take eternal death in Hell; eternal separation from our Father away.

Parents think how you would feel if your precious child were taken away and you could not find him/her. Think of Madeleine McCann. Gone in an instant. What would you not do to rescue that or any other child? Where did we get that ability to love? Out of a cosmic evolutionary soup? I think not. We inherited love from our Heavenly Father.

Our Father had to find a way to rescue us from the clutches of the enemy.  In Isaiah 6 the prophet Isaiah is caught up to God's throne in heaven and hears the words "Whom shall I send and who shall go for us?" Isaiah responded Here I am, send me. And so he became a major voice to God's people to this day.

All the major people of the Bible were likewise sent at significant times to fulfil God's mighty rescue plan.

The plan of Jesus was through His death our sins were cancelled and satan had no further hold on us. Through His resurrection, with our dead spirits inside Him, we were resurrected with Him. Satan cannot kill Him and he cannot kill us. We have eternal life now. We may die and go to Heaven right now but satan lost us.

His big con to the world is that he still controls everybody. There are three powerful verses in 1 Corinthians 2 v 6 - 9 that say - if satan and his demons (the princes of this world) knew about this plan of death and resurrection, they would never have crucified Jesus!

Then read Colossians 2 v 6-15. Jesus went into that satanic realm before His resurrection and "spoiled principalites and powers" ie He destroyed them, then He "made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it" ie He rubbed satan and his host's noses in it and gloated over their defeat.

What God really loves is when this becomes real to us and we begin to understand that our ONLY purpose on this planet is to realign our whole lives with Him through Jesus Christ and do whatever it takes to become a soldier in His army so that together, in unity, we can totally overcome all satan did to us BEFORE THIS EARTH WAS FORMED.

Prayer: Father God, open our eyes to the truth of salvation and motivate us to share this knowledge with every lost soul. It is not weak to need You because the joy of the Lord is our strength. Thank You for Your everlasting love. In Jesus' name. Amen.