Saturday, 9 March 2013

Whom God Foreknew - Vision 1

Scripture: Ephesians 1 v 3-4; Jeremiah 1 v 4-5; Rev 13 v 8; Romans 8 v 28-29; Romans 11 v 2; 1 Peter 1 v 1- 2; Revelations 21.

All of these scriptures tell a common story that our Father knew us before we were born on this Earth. And not as babies ready to go but as people like Jeremiah. "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you and ordained you a prophet." When I first read these words it took a while for the impact to take effect. It opened a door into Heaven that sent me on a search in the Word that continues till now. I wanted to know everything about how God knew me too and why we left Heaven for Earth in the first place. 

 During the 5 years I spent in learning and searching the Bible the Lord led me into a 40 day fast. Water only for nearly 6 weeks! After 5 days all hunger leaves you and only returns when your fast has ended. A huge miracle. Fasting brings you very close to Jesus and the Bible is richly opened to hidden treasures. This whole revelation came as a result of it over several years.

The parts I am permitted to share at this time are that war broke out in Heaven and Lucifer and his angels were thrown out of Heaven. They took captives with them to bargain with. Lucifer was then called Satan and his angels became demons. We were all spirit beings in that place. No soul or body.

 Satan set up His Kingdom and set about getting his hostages to agree with him through various forms of brain washing and manipulation. The movie the Manchurian Candidate is an excellent example of what went on.  Our memories of God and Heaven were overwritten with selfisms of every sort.

 I called this place the 6 Day Realm as it became clear to me that while we were held hostage the Earth and all the Universe were being created. The Big Bang actually happened during the war in the Heavens and was the result of sin being found in Lucifer. Pride, rebellion, jealousy and self-will in him and his angels shattered the harmony of Heaven.

Jesus says in Luke I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven. The name Lucifer means Light and in that flash his light went out. It was very shattering as Heaven itself was blown apart and this is manifested in all the stars and planets.

 I was watching a documentary on the make up of the Earth and its metals and minerals not long ago. I felt the presence of the Lord and knew I was going to get a revelation. The narrator said that the reason why certain metals like silver, gold and platinum were so valuable is because they are foreign to Earth's general make up. He went on to say that these precious metals had been gathered into the top layers of the Earth from swirling matter in outer space by Earth's gravity.

The Lord said the silver and the gold are Mine! (In Haggai). We even call them mines when we dig them out. But the most awesome vision was that the golden streets of Heaven were shattered and God made sure that some of it came our way to remind us of the Heavenly home it originated from.  All the jewels that made up the walls of Heaven were likewise shattered and scattered into the Earth. All reminders of our Father and home.

To be continued tomorrow. The Origin of our Souls.

Prayer: Heavenly Father You have always existed but our worldly minds cannot fathom the depths of your existence. Some find it easier to deny You ever were. I worship and love You precious Father and see Your miraculous creation daily. I pray that You show those who seek Your face a glimpse of Heavenly memories today. In Jesus' name. Amen.