Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Spirit of Infirmity

Scripture: Luke 13 v 10-17.

This woman had been carried into the Temple. She had been bound by Satan for 18 years and her body was bent double, she had no strength to lift herself up.  Compassion rose up in Jesus and He released her with a word and healed her. He put His hands on her and she was immediately made straight, and gave praise to the Lord. It reminds me of the healing of Betty Baxter many years ago when Jesus physically appeared in her home and healed her in exactly the same way. Google "Betty Baxter" and read this powerful miracle for yourself. 

The Ruler of the Temple was angry that Jesus had healed her on the sabbath day as under Jewish law the sabbath (Saturday) must be kept holy.

Jesus responded that the Ruler was a hypocrite because he could loose his mules on sabbath days to go graze in the fields, so why couldn't this woman also be loosed from her terrible suffering on the sabbath.

Satan will use any legal argument to try to do damage control when his plans and bondages are brought to nothing. The Ruler of the synagogue used a convenient law to try to undo that healing and its impact on the congregation, and the whole community. 

If you knew a crippled person who was instantly healed and praising God you would be rejoicing with her, but not the Pharisees. Their pride and tradition cause them to miss so many of God's miracles and blessings. 

Jesus said to them that by their traditions they disobey the commands of God. That is one of the main differences between religion and Christianity - rigid legalism and tradition OR freedom of the Spirit in Jesus.

Another tradition that blocks people from full freedom in Christ is baby baptism or Christening. This tradition has zero scriptural validity. In fact its origin is macabre. It happened when the Roman Catholic Church in the 4th century AD amalgamated the Babylonian religion with Chtistianity.
In Baal worship, live babies were thrown into the sacrificial fire inside the idol. Before they were thrown in they were sprinkled with water and named. So this practice became the norm even in mainline churches that broke away from Roman Catholicism during the reformation. 

Rather follow the ways of Jesus than the doctrines of men. Be loosed from all your traditions which have become infirmities in your spiritual walk. Don't let anyone steal your joy or your freedom!

Prayer: Father God, raise me up to be like Jesus - fearless in the face of false authority. Fill me with compassion so that by my hands the spirit of infirmity will leave and cripples will be set free. Break down all the false traditions that turn people into hypocrites and set me free to serve You in Spirit and in truth. In Jesus' name. Amen.