Friday, 12 April 2013

Blessed Are Ye

Scriptures: Luke 6 v 17-28; 42. 

After Jesus had prayed all night to His Father a whole multitude of people gathered to hear Him and to be healed of diseases and delivered of unclean spirits. Virtue went out of Him and healed them all. What a blessing it is when the mighty healing hand of Jesus touches your life.
He told His disciples "Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God." He did not mean they were financially poor but poor as far as the things of this world (Satan's kingdom) is concerned. They had chosen spiritual riches by following Jesus and He said it was a blessing to them.
Blessed are ye that hunger now for ye shall be filled. This does not refer to famine but to the hunger for truth; righteousness, the Word of God, the Bread of Life. When you hunger for the things of the Spirit of God you will be filled with spiritual treasures.

Blessed are ye that weep now for ye shall laugh. This is the tears of remorse and repentance that softens the hardness of heart that sin brings and when that burden is lifted the joy of the Lord fills your heart. The joy of the Lord is your strength. When you are sad and depressed it is called the spirit of heaviness (Isaiah 61v3) and can be lifted by the garment of praise.

Blessed are ye when men hate you and persecute you; and separate you from their company; reproaching you and casting your name out as evil for the Son of Man's sake. Jesus says we must leap for joy and rejoice when that happens because our heavenly reward is great. 
He also says Woe unto you when all men speak well of you for so did their fathers speak of the false prophets.

I know that some people struggle with the things I share on this blog. The problem lies with the fact that many people have lived on a spiritual diet that has grown less and less filling. The things I share seem too much to handle because your soul is starving and the food is too rich. I have shared 10 messages on the Vision of the 6 Days and the Bride. Jesus calls it the MILK!! If that is milk what will the meat be?? If that is milk what have you been fed up to now?

So pray for your Heavenly Father to strengthen you to eat the heavenly manna that He daily provides. He want to bless you and fill you with that which will sustain you and bring fruitfulness in your life. He loves you and is dismayed at the neglect of His precious children. He says the shepherds feed themselves and leave the sheep to starve. They will have to give an account of themselves before Almighty God and risk eternal damnation.

Likewise those pastors who use their calling to flirt with and have affairs with women and even with men. A gay man came to me for ministry.  I asked him why he wanted a woman to pray for him. He said he was desperate as every time he went to a pastor for help he ended up in bed with them and his problems were worse than before. Happily that man was set free and is married to a beautiful Christian woman and they have been blessed with children.

How do you think God will deal with the pastors who treated this man like that? He will send them where all hypocrites will go. 

We have opportunities every day to walk with God and do His will. Those who do are truly blessed. I pray that you, the reader, will be one of the blessed.

Prayer: Heavenly Father Your promise given to Abraham for us is that as You blessed Abraham so would we be blessed. If we truly love one another and worship You in spirit and in truth, Your blessings will overwhelm us. So if we don't feel blessed Father show us where we are going wrong. In Jesus' name. Amen.