Sunday, 14 April 2013


Scriptures: Matthew 18 v 1 - 6; Matthew 19 v 4; Mark 9 v 37; 42.

Little children who are fresh from Heaven bring with them the purity, innocence and trust that our Father in Heaven prizes so highly. This is the very nature of those who inhabit the Heavenly realm. This innocence is visible because of the absence of sin in these little ones. The darkness of the soul nature as the spirit of the world does its evil work shows up  eventually. 

Jesus said that unless we become like little children we cannot perceive or understand what Heaven is. In another place He said that unless we come to Him like little children we could not even enter Heaven. He also said Suffer (let) the little children come to Me, forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our deadly enemy is well aware of these statements so his easiest path to establish his evil will is to destroy innocence, purity and trust in children as early as possible. His line of least resistance is through TV, cellphones, computers, video games and sexual predators. The predators use the modern technology to powerful effect as is well known now.

Jesus said Woe to those who by any means harm the little children who believe in Him. It is better that a millstone be hanged round his neck and he be drowned in the sea. Meaning that God's judgment on those who harm His children will be very severe.

Please note that God's protection is for believers and their children. And He will help us to be alert and have help available to keep them safe from harm. If we obey the Word of God and teach our children to know and love Jesus, we can be sure of the Hand of God covering them.

It is our testimony of security in God that will draw people into His Kingdom. It is like Noah and his ark. When the flood came only 8 people were safe. Everyone had mocked Noah for building a ship hundreds of miles from the sea and in a place that had not seen a drop of rain for over 100 years. When Noah and his family plus two of every animal and bird entered the Ark, God Himself closed the door. When the waters started to rise those unbelievers and mockers were pleading for Noah to open the door for them but he couldn't.

Now the invisible Body of Christ, made of born again believers ONLY, is the only refuge against the world. We must become like little innocent, trusting, pure children to get into it. All who are in the Body will leave this planet one day in the space of less than 1 second. The unbelievers and mockers and those religious people who compromise the purity of God's Word will remain on earth to face God's Wrath.

In Ephesians it says that children must obey their parents; in another place it says honour your father and mother - so that you may have a long life. So children need to be brought up in a loving and stable environment and be taught the truth about Jesus and Heaven. They must be shown the love Jesus has for them through the way their parents treat each other and them. If the parents love and respect each other then the children will learn the same attitudes.

If the parents fight and argue all the time then children become afraid and insecure. They begin to be naughty to get attention as negative attention is better than none. Children join gangs to feel accepted and do whatever the gangs do to have a sense of belonging. They rebel because their parents are rebellious and not teaching them the love and morality of the Bible.

Life lessons begin at home. The pattern of what a child will become in life is set in place by the time the child is 5 years old. Long before outside teachers have any influence on them. So be responsible to dedicate your children to Jesus and bring them up to know the blessings of obedience then the chances of that child bringing sorrow to your heart later on is very much less.

Children mimic what they see at home, so if you want them to be a credit to you as they grow and develop into adults give them good examples to follow. Bitterness is a root from which addictions to alcohol, nicotine, drugs and sex. Or anything that produces a "rush". These are the traps of the world that the enemy has set to ensnare our children from an early age. So protect them from the roots of rebellion and bitterness by setting their moral compass from birth so they will have a chance at a beautiful life. When troubles come solutions are much easier if your child has known the blessings of the Lord from the womb.

If you have a child who is "impossible" there are Godly solutions that you should follow. First get your own life right with God so your child does not call you a hypocrite. Then seek God for help to rescue your beloved child no matter how far he/she has fallen. God is full of compassion and is near to those who call upon Him to bring help and answers.

There are many testimonies of people who came out of the Mafia - like Joe Donato - and have lived Godly for Jesus. So do not despair. Read other articles and testimonies on this blog to give you hope and encouragement.

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank You for loving Your children so much that You sent Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer death that we may live. Let us make sacrifices of our selfish desires so that our children may be blessed by You. Forgive us for our times of neglect and self will which have caused our children to stumble. Correct us, O Lord, so that we can help correct the damage we have done. Make our children whole, Father, in Jesus' name. Amen.