Monday, 1 April 2013

Determining God's Will

Scriptures: Genesis 16 v 1-2, 15; Galatians 4 v 21-31; Matthew 7v7; Hebrews 1 v 14.


The most important question we face daily is, What is God's will for my life? If we knew His will instantly in every situation how easy life would be! What is the fact? Would God deliberately obscure His will just to see you struggle? Or is it Satan's intention that we always get it wrong and fall into difficulties?

There is the classic story of Abraham and Sarah never having a child. The Lord told them Abraham would be the father of many nations.  Sarah was impatient and told him to make a child with her servant Hagar. He agreed to this and Hagar had a child called Ishmael. Some while later Abraham and Sarah had a son called Isaac. Isaac's son, Jacob, would become known as Israel and be the first of the Israelites. Jacob had twelve sons who would be the patriarchs of the tribes of Israel. Ishmael also had 12 sons who were the beginnings of the Arab tribes. Back in the day, no problem!! Today a very different story. So when we do our will as opposed to God's will we may not see the disaster looming immediately but the long term results may be less than desirable. We call doing our best to help God's will be done as "making an Ishmael.

Likewise, when we pray and ask God for something it is like planting a seed in the garden. If we dig up the seed every few hours to see if its sprouting, it will die. If the seed is in good ground and watered properly it will grow and produce what was planted. About our prayers Jesus says Ask and it shall be given. It does not usually or always happen immediately but it will happen if you water it with faith and develop patience. If we keep asking for the same thing over and over its like digging up the seed and ruining it. Faith believes God will answer and waits patiently. Lust wants it now and cannot wait. God says in James 4v1-6 that if you pray amiss He will not hear your prayers and if He does not hear them then no amount of faith will get an answer. So if you are asking in a selfish way God does not even hear that.

So to determine God's perfect will we must know our Bibles and make sure that what we are asking is scripturally acceptable. For example if you are doing a business deal and are asking God's blessing be sure that every part of the deal is above board and honest. God will never bless underhand dealings, lies, fraud or dishonest gain. He does not bless gambles, high risks or backhands. God will not bless the lesser of two evils. God will bless what is good.

There are some churches who teach that you have thousands of angels given by God to do your bidding. You can send forth these angels to find parking, find jobs, heal the sick, bring people to church, bring in finance, protect people, find lost people, bring in business, find a spouse, protect a nation from war, etc etc. It sounds so good and spiritual but it does not agree with scripture. They use Hebrews 1 v 14 to confirm it but it actually says that God does the sending forth of angels, never man. Looking deeper into this practice it was found that the angels responding to this sending forth of angels commands were actually fallen angels. These fallen angels would comply with your commands the first few times to get you believing in them, but thereafter would do the opposite and chaos would be the result. Fallen angels are higher ranked than demons and are ruling spirits, which means they have many demons under their command. So the terrifying truth is that millions of Christians have been taught to send out fallen angels to bless other Christians or even whole countries and there is severe undermining of truth in those churches. They became open doors for many false doctrines.

A little rhyme would play in my mind at times - Every where the angels went Toronto was sure to follow. This referred to the Toronto Blessing (so called) which originated in South Africa and spread round the world.

This is a laughing madness phenomenon that has people rolling in the aisles, mooing like cows, barking like dogs, roaring like lions for hours on end. They call it revival. It is false and evil all the way through.


I received an email a few years ago from someone called "Daniel of Jerusalem" who proclaimed that he had sent millions of angels to bring peace between the people of South Africa. That very week the most serious xenophobic violence ever seen in this country broke out in Johannesburg.  I wrote and told him so. No reply.

In order for God's will to be done we need to reign in the enemy and stop these false angels. They are wrecking the world economy, wrecking Israel, wrecking the Arabs and every other nation. Stop this evil doctrine now!! Send this information to all corners of the world. Every one of us could be victims of it.

If you have ever sent out angels for any reason repent ie change your mind and ask forgiveness from God. Then call back every angel ever sent and cancel the assignment you gave it to do. Ask God to restore every person or situation affected negatively by these angels. Send the angels to Jesus for His judgment.

If you have been a victim of angel attack these are what you may have experienced. Sudden loss of finance; breakdown of marriage; serious health issues; spiritual decline. Pray and ask Jesus to set you free of any false angels that have been sent and that all the damage they did would be reversed. Thank Him in advance.

Its important to do this as these angels will continue to harass you until they are stopped.

Now that is a huge barrier removed that may have blocked you from the full power of God's blessings on your life, like a permanent cloud across the Sun, seek His face to know His perfect will for your life.

Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.
Prayer: Heavenly Father anoint every reader with a confirmation of what they have read and cause them to resist these unseen forces and be free to do Your will. Help them to overcome this unknown barrier. Set the nations free Lord of wicked angels destroying the peace and real prosperity You desire for us. In Jesus' name. Amen.