Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Jigsaw Puzzles - Vision 8

Scriptures: Mark 1 v 1; Revelation 21 v 9 - 27; Ezekiel 28; Haggai 2v8; John 3 v 29. 

(Continued from Jesus' Bride)

The Father's first task was to sort the fragment souls of the Bride, the chosen one, from all the other souls. The second pile would be the body of His Son. It would be like sorting out two huge boxes of puzzle pieces that had got mixed up. The fragments, souls, must be brought to life. The damaged souls now had the nature of Satan and his demons interwoven in them. They needed a body of flesh and a place to be planted in a realm where spirits had to manifest their true nature. This would enable God to see how bad the damage was and rectify it. He had a mighty plan for each soul.

God called the place Earth. He made it beautiful so that its inhabitants would remember the beauty of Heaven. There would be a new Heaven, when satan fell, the Bride fell, the Groom took on her sins and He fell, then the spiritual harmony was shattered and Heaven was likewise shattered into what we call "the heavens". The golden streets of Heaven, the precious metals and precious stones were shattered and some were gathered into the crust of the Earth for men to find. They are called precious and have value because in our deepest memory we know where they came from.

Silver and gold have healing properties. Even the early Egyptians knew this and made their bowls and eating utensils of silver and gold to kill germs. A 1% solution of Colloidal Silver tested on every known germ, virus, bacteria, fungus killed every one of them within 6 minutes. If you take a tablespoon of Colloidal Silver and add it to a jug of slimy dam water it will be clear by morning. Pharmacists hate this information being known as it would put them out of business. The silver and the gold is Mine says the Lord in Haggai. His healing power, His purity bring healing to us.

So God created the Earth as a special habitation for humanity. He made a statue of clay in His own image and likeness. Spiritual heaven had fallen and was now a material universe. God would have to become a Man to take it on. Adam was the first Man of a newly created race that would turn a statue into a Living Soul when God breathed the breath of life into him. If that breath ceased, life ceased.

We did not evolve from some swamp thing through the apes to become thinking emotional worshipping people. God made us to have fellowship with Him so He could correct the damage done by Satan.

But of course that serpent got into the Garden of Eden just as he had got into the Garden of God in Heaven. Just as he had seduced her in Heaven so did he seduce her in Eden. She was conned, deceived, beguiled into doubting what God had said - Just like Sarah would as we read yesterday - and Eve persuaded Adam to partake - Just as Sarah did. History repeated itself. Adam was not deceived, he knowingly fell.

Look backwards now to the scene in Heaven. The Bride was seduced and taken as a hostage to Satan's kingdom. The Bridegroom took on her sin and was clothed in her bloodstained wedding garments. A very conscious act when He said I AM going to rescue her. He fell from Heaven saying My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me? Moses and every Jew to be born, heard Him say I AM and remembered it. David heard His cry and remembered it in Psalm 22v1.

God implanted these few memories in the fragments of the Bride as a means of sorting out the jigsaw pieces. His first goal was to separate the Bride from the Groom. The Bride fragments filled 12 containers. God sent in some fragments of His own. Those who would lead the chosen Bride to a land of her own. She would have to be taught the laws of God, the consequences of disobedience, the blessings of obedience, and to know His voice. All the brainwashing and confusion must be replaced with the truth about her Groom whom she had been convinced was not His Son.

So rules had to be made for her. She must never allow any of her people to marry (fragments) outside the 12 tribes that corresponded to the 12 containers. She must overcome all the tribes surrounding her that wanted to war against her. Only when she was back in harmony with her true Bridegroom would her spirit be brought to life.

The body of His Son, the Bridegroom, would manifest later, once all the pieces of the Bride were sorted.

When the Bridegroom manifested on Earth it would be in Israel, the chosen people, the Bride. John the Baptist would say of Him in John 3v29 He that hath the bride is the bridegroom, which standeth and heareth Him, rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom's voice: this my joy therefore is thus fulfilled.

In Revelation 21 v 9 I will show you the Lamb's wife..........and I was shown the twelve tribes of Israel.

For years it has been accepted without question that the body of Christ the Church is the Bride of Christ. I believed it. When God showed me the real Bride I could not grasp it. I tried to reason it away. I read every scripture. I never found one scripture that categorically stated that the Church and the Bride were the same entity.

This is how it was shown to me. Jesus is the Head of the Church. His Head is in Heaven. The Church is His body here on Earth and also in Heaven ie when saints die they are fitted into His body in Heaven like jigsaw pieces. When the Church is Raptured ie caught up into the air to meet Jesus in the clouds then dead saints plus living saints complete the body of Jesus, the Bridegroom.

Israel, the Bride, is fighting for her life as the Antichrist ascends the throne in the Holy of Holies declaring himself god. Her eyes are open to this imposter and she flees.  He rallies the whole world to attack her at Armageddon. The Bridegroom arrives and destroys the army and finally rescuing His Bride from Satan's clutches. 

I have faithfully delivered this message as it was shown to me by Almighty God 30 years ago. Some may not accept it and have scriptural arguments against what has been shared. I am open to receive any contribution or comments that would be helpful to maintaining integrity. Feel free to email me brendarethman@gmail.com.

Prayer: Heavenly Father it is finally done. The full story is now known. Thank You for Your presence around me and the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus. May the reader feel what I feel right now and know the truth for the truth will set everyone free. In Jesus' name. Amen.