Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Miracle of Karen Ann (Part One)

Scripture: Deuteronomy 4 v 32.

29 years ago Jesus did something so amazing, which a few of you may remember, that changed my life and ministry forever. Through tongues and interpretation of tongues, four people were instructed to pray for Karen Ann Quinlan who was in an irreversible coma in New Jersey USA 18000km from South Africa.

We had an anointing to intercede at a deep level so we gathered and prayed at Pauline's home. Pauline is a manifester. She was able to help people with severe problems get free as demons would manifest through her. She is like a door into the spirit realm through which these evil spirits  exit. We were sure we would do something similar for Karen Ann.

Nothing prepared us for the surprise we got. Pauline manifested Karen Ann! Her body snapped into the twisted foetal shape that Karen had shrunk to over her ten year coma. She fell to the floor. We all dived after her and moments later Jesus spoke to me, "Talk to Karen, TALK to her". We all spoke at once. Pauline's husband said, "Karen is squeezing my hand!!"

I said, "It's Pauline!" He said, "I know Pauline's squeeze, this is Karen!" We were all crying with the power of Jesus in the room. Suddenly, Pauline was back with us, saying, "Brenda, she knows your voice! We must go back and speak to her. She says she is not deaf and please don't all talk at once. She wants to be saved." And she was gone again and Karen was back, ready for the gospel.

Scripture: Acts 2 v 6; Acts 4 v 4.

The second visit was more relaxed and felt normal. Years before I had been burdened for Karen Ann from time to time - concerned that she would die without meeting Jesus. One night the Lord told me to share the gospel with her as if she was in the room. So I did. Spoke out loud and told her about Jesus. I really cried when Pauline said Karen knew my voice. I had never told anyone about it. Anyway this second visit I asked her how many times she had heard my voice. She tapped 17 taps on my hand. That would be about right!

We devised a series of taps if she needed more info or if she was clear. Then we prayed together for her to be born again and the room was full of God's glory. Then she began speaking in tongues - totally different from Pauline's tongues. It was a most beautiful experience. 

God gave me the two verses in Acts above. My initial response was that she would wake up and people all over the world would give glory to the Lord and 5000 would be saved. Later the Lord gave me His meaning of those verses.

When this was noised abroad = Pauline and Karen became a world-wide broadcast centre and everyone in coma heard the gospel in their own language and 5000 dying souls got saved! Now that is the Holy Ghost and power!! That's when I got Deuteronomy 4 v 32 - God did something that had never been done before and outwitted the enemy who was sure all the comas were his. Glory to the Lord.

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9 v 8 - 15; John 14 v 12-14.

The next morning Pauline and I were alone just discussing the events of the night before. Pauline told me that she could hear all Karen's thoughts and feel what she feels physically. Karen's first thought when we pitched up in her life was that she had died! Pauline said her skin felt like bad prickly sunburn.

Before long Pauline said Karen is back let's go talk to her! It was years before mobile phones but the best way to describe this ongoing miracle is that Pauline's body was like a handheld phone into which Karen's SIM was inserted. SIM equals identity. I had complete access to Karen Ann who was ina deep irreversible coma thousands of miles away.

I had just greeted Karen when she made unmistakable hand signals that shewanted paper and pen! Very impatient hand signals too. There was no doubt who was boss. I was in a bit of a panic as I did not want to be deceived by some bad spirit through automatic writing.  I prayed while looking for a pen that if this was not from God she would be gone when I got back.

She was still there and I will never forget her first words "Bren thank you! I love you!" She told me that she had never prayed for healing, just to be able to communicate. She was shocked that it was nearly ten years since her coma began. She was also aware that there were eavesdroppers listening in. I told her about the 5000 that got saved. She said "they" were asking questions about Jesus she could not answer. So we immediately set about becoming ministers to these other unseen new Christians. It seemed the most normal thing to do. She listened to their questions, wrote them down and I answered them. I spoke English but they heard me in their own language. Multilingual, multinational counselling worldwide to people in coma through Pauline's body with Karen's identity. It was just Jesus doing a "greater work" through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Father God thank You for the gift of faith that enabled me to be part of this amazing miracle. Nothing is impossible with You. I pray that every reader experiences Your presence around them.  I worship You and bow down. What an amazing miracle with continuous and abiding fruit from then till now. All the glory goes to Jesus our Lord and King who saved a very lost sheep that night. Amen.